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The building material clay impacts all senses. CLAYTOURS is your resource for opportunities to see clay architecture in person and be inspired. Experience the world’s oldest building tradition in its modern and contemporary application. From urban city hotel to remote mountain hideout. From lakeside coworking space to vintage event location.

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Handpicked hotels, wineries, museums and more where you can experience clay earth up close and personal. Places to make new memories, enjoy yourself and be inspired. The experience begins with your online search, as you read the descriptions, look over the photos, and get lost in the destination details. It culminates in the actual encounter with clay earth.

Begin your individual journey of discovery right here.

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Clay earth – a building tradition with a guarantee for the future

Anyone who works with clay earth as a building material can hardly avoid becoming fascinated with it. Clay earth provides simple answers to many questions that (future) property owners and builders ask themselves. This is not an empty advertising promise but is based on a wealth of experience that is thousands of years old.

Let’s share this wealth of knowledge – so it doubles.

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Wellness Spa Südkorea


Is there a particular type of clay-earth architecture that interests you? Or do you simply want to browse through photographs of beautiful places until something catches your interest? Our carefully curated collections can help you find exactly what it is you are looking for.

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