Highlights for Your Next Trip

Are you planning a trip and looking for a hotel where you can experience the feeling of wellbeing found in a room with earthen clay walls? Or are you in the process of designing a building project and looking for style inspiration for use of clay earth? We have put together these collections to help you discover earthen clay in a way that best suits your needs.

Seminars and events

The advantages and charm of rooms and buildings made of clay make your event a special experience – whether a team building events or wedding. You can concentrate fully on the success of the event and spending time together, without having to worry about the room climate, noise or the comfort of the guests. We have put together a collection of special places and buildings for you. After all, shared joy is a double joy!

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Special surfaces

As with all sensory experiences, the way we experience a clay wall is difficult to put into words. The play of light on the surface, the harmony with other building elements and materials, the special design through colour and structural additives such as straw fibers, mother-of-pearl, glitter, granite or even herbs. We won't even try to describe it, but instead we’ll suggest a selection of exciting destinations that speak for themselves.

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Clay in the Black Forest

Mountains lined with trees, friendly people and culinary delights invite you to the Black Forest. Immerse yourself in the local culture - starting with this collection of destinations. Here you can relax, recharge and enjoy in the unique atmosphere of clay architecture. It is as closely linked to the history of this place as the people you’ll meet and the way of life you’ll experience.

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What a lovely pairing: clay, one of the world’s oldest building traditions, and viticulture, one of the world’s oldest agricultural practices. The taste of the wine is closely tied to the soil in which it grows. Likewise, as a building material, clay determines the atmosphere of the room. The wineries selected here combine both to create an especially enjoyable experience for you.

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