The Rajasthani House at Mediterana

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The Rajasthani House at Mediterana

Connected with the elements

Patterned knotted carpets on the stony floor, a cosy fireplace, an intricately-structured wooden ceiling, fine hand-painted motifs around window and door niches: Whoever enters the Rajasthani House is immersed in another world: the world of the Berbers, a designation for a group of North African peoples, originally native to the Moroccan mountains, in harmony with the rugged nature of the land. The interior of the Rajasthani House, however, is by no means harsh. Natural materials, especially earthen clay, earthy colours, pleasant scents and almost meditative lighting bring body and mind to rest – and prepare both for the traditions of Indian Ayurveda, the teachings of a long and healthy life. Depending on their energy type (dosha), visitors can enjoy infusion ceremonies tailored to them in this sauna landscape designed like a dwelling. Whether they tend to the life energy type Vata, Pitta or Kapha can be easily found out on-site by completing a questionnaire.

Authentic themed worlds

The Rajasthani House counts among the 15 sauna and steam bath options at Mediterana, a more than 52,000-square-meter large Day Spa in Bergisch Gladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia – picturesquely nestled in a landscape of forests, lakes and vast grasslands so typical of the Bergisches Land region. The Mediterana principle comprises five pillars: Sauna, spa, massage and cosmetics, gastronomy, and sports. The 15 saunas and steam baths are divided into Indian and Spanish worlds. With the help of countless details and almost exclusively original pieces from countries such as Morocco, Tunisia and India, they are each dedicated to a theme. The 75-degree „Bain Arabisances“, for example, is a mud-brick sauna with eucalyptus infusion and about 40 percent humidity. The Moorish steam bath spreads out under a twinkling starry sky. The rose temple beguiles with its pleasant fragrance. Behind it all stands a finely honed concept: Each themed room has its own natural bouquet composition. The underground Himalayan salt tunnel is enriched by crystals cut especially for this purpose, and guests encounter real amethyst in the healing gemstone sauna.

Exceptional ambience, cosy atmosphere

And the Rajasthani House? This sauna area, designed as a dwelling, each of whose areas corresponds to a room in a house, brings visitors closer to the life of the Berbers with the greatest attention to detail. How did the original people of Morocco live and work? The living room, a relaxation room, is decorated with saddles, sabres and swords, among other things, as well as many museum-quality everyday tools. In the kitchen, there is a tandoori, a natural clay oven. At specific Ayurveda times, Indian naan bread is baked in it – for guests to taste. The Rajasthani House is popular for its ceremonies in an authentic and extraordinary ambience, including relaxing customisable lighting, as well as for its pleasantly warm atmosphere. This is created by the walls plastered with earthen clay: The building material used in Berber houses of the past creates an unmistakable climate by interacting with heat and moisture in its unique and uniform way. Speaking of heat: While most saunas in Germany are still heated electrically, the Rajasthani House deliberately opted for two gas ovens. In addition to their cost-effectiveness, the gas ovens stand out for their energy-saving and environmentally friendly operation. – „We have brought a vacation environment to Bergisch Gladbach”, says marketing manager Karin Tornatzky about the distinctive wellness facility. „A visit here gives visitors a taste of other countries, and people whose origins correspond to one of our themed worlds feel at home. Our play with atmosphere, scents and materials is unique in Germany – and we’re proud of that.”

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Clay Highlight:

Clay plaster and clay block for a mild sauna climate

The Rajasthani House was built in 2009 as part of the expansion of the Mediterana Indian World. When it was replastered in 2014, the same natural building material was used as before. „We chose clay earth again to maintain the authenticity of the area. Earthen clay simply creates an exceptional indoor climate that immediately triggers a feeling of being grounded”, says marketing manager Karin Tornatzky. The interior walls were done with CLAYTEC Clay Topcoat Coarse with Straw. The sauna itself consists of clay blocks and rammed earth. With a constant 15 percent humidity and 85 degree Celsius temperature, the biological building material regulates the sauna air quality, keeping it mild in rather dry heat. The distinct heat storage capacity of earthen clay supports a constant temperature – and saves energy at the same time.


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