Ferry’s for hair

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Ferry’s for hair

Natural is the new beautiful

If you think that a hairstyle is more than a haircut, Ferry’s Salon in the centre of Munich is the right place for you. If you think a wall is more than a boundary of space, you’re also in the right place. In the hair salon, trends are combined with individuality and nature becomes the basis of personal style. This applies to the clients’ hair as well as to the interior design.

Natural from head to toe, …

At Ferry’s hairdressing salon, the team starts with the hair that nature gave the customer. Since hair differs not only individually but also regionally, there are two teams – Ferry’s International and Ferry’s Japanese. The latter consists of Japanese hair and styling experts who specialise in the hair and needs of Japanese customers. And there are two salons, connected by a common courtyard.

For Farzin Fateminejad, hairdresser and owner of Ferry’s, sustainability is an important concern. So the salon sells natural, sustainable products, such as solid shampoo based on all-natural active ingredients. When it came to the salon’s interior design, the hairdresser also relied on natural and sustainable materials.

… from floor to ceiling too.

The entire interior design of the salons was done with natural materials. In the front salon, partial wall panelling made of light-coloured wooden strips defines the individual service stations. The two massage chairs at the hair washbasins are made of recycled aluminium parts, among other things. And in the middle of the room, a room divider with plants separates the reception and hairdressing area. The walls in the salon are plastered white – with a clay plaster that is given a fine structure by the sisal fibres mixed into it.

The salon in the courtyard house is equally natural, but a touch more minimalist in design. The entire room has white surfaces. Light wood and the colour green in the form of a coloured wall, chairs and green plants serve as accents. The white walls are also clay earth plastered. Particularly subtle: the addition of glitter provides a discreet glossy effect.

It’s all in the mix …

The interior design of the salon proves: natural building materials such as wood and clay earth can also be stylish. When the fine-textured surface of the white clay plaster meets the fresh green of the vintage hairdressing chairs, the result is a modern and inviting look.

Diversity in the team is also important. Both teams are multicultural. Yet they all share a love of the hairdressing profession and the global challenge of living sustainably. In this respect: Think global – style local.

Photos ©Matthias Rüby

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Clay Highlight:

… colourful – YOSIMA clay design plaster from CLAYTEC

YOSIMA clay design plaster was used for the vibrant white wall surfaces of Ferry’s. CLAYTEC offers the plaster, which is applied in a thin layer, in 146 natural shades – from white to dark grey, from India red to jade green, from umbra to reed yellow. All colours are created solely through the mixture of different coloured clays, which also acts as binders.

Each shade can be optionally combined with one of six different textural additives. In Ferry’s they opted for the textured aggregate sisal, or “Japan” in the main salon – matching the specialisation and the wooden wall panelling. In the second salon, natural glitter was added to the clay for the “Flash” surface look.

The salons with their clay-plastered walls not only visually create calm spaces in the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, but are also real oases of well-being. The clay plaster buffers high humidity and releases the stored moisture when the air in the room is dry. At the same time, odours are eliminated and pollutants are bound.


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