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Wimmer Hairdressers

Wellness is in the (room) air

What kind of salon-goer are you? The pragmatic sort, who values the result above everything else, or the connoisseur, who simply cannot wait for the head massage? At Wimmer Hairdressers in Ampfing, Bavaria, you always receive a free wellness treatment: excellent air quality and a balanced room climate thanks to the clay-earth walls.

Clay earth – eye-catcher, humidity regulator and heat buffer

Master hairdresser Sonja Wimmer and her team are wellness experts. That’s why they know that for an all-around pleasant visit the right feel-good atmosphere is a must. At Salon Wimmer, you are not only greeted by visually appealing surroundings but are also treated to a particularly enjoyable room climate.

The building material clay earth is responsible for this healthful and comfortable atmosphere. It was used both as a wall plaster and in the form of rammed earth, found in both walls and as a reception counter – a real eye-catcher when you enter the salon!

The decision to use earthen clay as a building material was made for several reasons. Sonja Wimmer was looking for an ecological building material, which would also meet her architectural design requirements. Clay earth meets both needs perfectly.

Central to the decision was the positive effects the material has on the indoor climate. In every salon, one can expect a certain level of humidity – similar to a bathroom. In addition, customers bring cold air into the salon in the winter and warmth in the summer months.

Clay-earth surfaces balance humidity by binding moisture in the air and releasing it again when the room air is dry. The rammed earth components also act as a heat regulator. In summer they have a cooling effect, while in winter they store and radiate heat.

Do it yourself – for beginners, professionals and soon for you too?

Another advantage of clay earth that should not be overlooked is how easy it is to work with. Most of the building work with clay earth was done without the help of contractors – both the earthen-clay plaster as well as the rammed earth work.

Since the renovation, Sonja Wimmer has traded in her trowel for scissors again. Why not make an appointment now? It will pay off in several ways: You get a great haircut – and inspiration for a wall design with clay earth that is as healthy as it is visually appealing.

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Clay Highlight:

Claytec in shop outfitting – a feel-good atmosphere as a public service

The architect Martin Häckl suggested clay-earth building materials from Claytec for their ecological, high-quality, and air-quality regulating properties. As the first step, Claytec HFD interior insulation panels were put up. In addition to the insulating effect, these wood fibre insulation boards separate the masonry and plaster layers. In this way, they help to prevent plaster cracking and damage.

The insulation panels were covered with a mesh, then an earthen clay plaster was applied. The wall surface was finished with YOSIMA clay designer plaster in Kolumba grey. Like all 146 colours in the YOSIMA Collection, the elegant colour is achieved purely by mixing the right types of earth and clay.

The walls in the reception area and the salon counter were made with Claytec rammed earth. The building material is put into formwork in layers – one of the most original and simplest ways of processing clay earth. This process also gives the finished product the characteristic layered look.


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