Rippstein Winery

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Rippstein Winery

The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest

“A good wine is first created in the mind”, says winemaker Bernhard Rippstein with conviction. Only then does he make one of the innumerable possible adjustments in the vineyard or viticulture to implement his idea. When designing the interior of the new wine shop located at the family winery in eastern Franconia, Bernhard Rippstein followed the same strategy: He had a vision of what he wanted, used the richness of coloured clays, had his clay designer plaster mixed and used it to create a backdrop for wine enjoyment.

Clay plaster: from the desire for design

The motto of the successful organic winemaker is: “Simply something different”. A visit to the new shop and wine tasting room is an experience in how Bernhard Rippstein implements his motto: with heart and soul, passion and a creative will.

The Rippstein family has been growing wine for three generations – but Bernhard Rippstein is the first to make a living exclusively from wine growing. His drive: to bottle his love for wine and the joy of the product for you. Sometimes he gets impatient when he has to wait a full year to implement a new idea for the further development of the wine.

The Rippstein family undertook the construction of the new wine shop themselves. The presentation wall is the highlight of the shop and tasting room. An illuminated wooden shelf in front of dark red clay-earth plaster sets the scene for the wine bottles. Providing a striking contrast, the ceiling is plastered in a dark anthracite – also done with earthen clay.

The colours and surface structure of the plaster were mixed according to the winemaker’s specifications – the application was performed by the winery team themselves. Because of its ease of installation, clay earth is ideal for DIY projects.

Ecological building material: for love of nature

In the winery’s various organic wines you will not only recognize a passion for quality, but also a love of nature. In addition to the guiding hand of the winemaker, you can taste the unique characteristics imbued by each different year, the region, and the soil.

“We have to try to understand nature and learn from it, take our time, observe, respect, become one with it,” says Bernhard Rippstein, describing his relationship with nature. For him, it is a question of values and setting traditions for future generations in sustainable cultivation of his vineyards and practicing organic viticulture.

In the wine shop, you can taste, feel and see these values in tangible form. Clay earth – a natural building material and reminiscent of the root of viticulture, the soil – provides the ideal backdrop for this.

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Clay Highlight:

Claytec: a desire for colour

The winemaker chose YOSIMA clay designer plaster for the new wine shop. Claytec offers 146 colours as factory standard, divided into nine colour palettes. The natural colouring of clay earth is used during production so that no pigments or dyes are needed.

Six optional add-ins such as straw, mother-of-pearl, glitter or herbs optionally provide a special surface structure and further expand the scope of possible design options.

The Rippstein family opted for the colour anthracite as well as a colour from the gold-ochre colour palette, both with straw as an add-in. The underlying surfaces were partially pre-treated with the primer “Yellow”. The liquid primer with a fine grain reduces the absorbency of, and protects, plasterboard and other panelling against moisture from clay plaster application.


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