Villa Casa Adèlia

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Villa Casa Adèlia

Stylish time out in the south of Portugal

The azure-blue sea panorama in front of lush green treetops from the delicately shaded veranda are overwhelmingly beautiful. A refreshing snack in the modern eat-in kitchen. A nighttime dip in the atmospherically lit private swimming pool. A beauty session in the en-suite bathroom before snuggling into the inviting box-spring bed. The luxury villa, airy and exclusively situated on the cliffs above the Portuguese Algarve amid Mediterranean greenery, is an attractive vacation destination especially for travelers with a desire for elegance and comprehensive privacy.

Discreet, plenty of space and high comfort

The aesthetics harmonized down to the last detail, the bright villa is an eye-catcher in itself, without being obtrusive. The perfect combination of  style, functionality and coziness. With four contemporary bedrooms, each with a fully equipped bathroom, Casa Adèlia offers both couples traveling alone and small groups plenty of space with a high level of comfort. Socializing can be experienced both in the lounge room on the second floor and on the first floor, which features, among other things, a high-quality kitchen including cooking island and adjacent outdoor barbecue area behind floor-to-ceiling sliding glass. The living-dining area offers numerous opportunities to spend time with a view of the lovingly designed surrounding garden, as well as a glazed fireplace insert: a further plus in terms of comfort.

Sensory experience in a comfortable home

Comfort also plays a decisive role in the construction of the luxurious destination. In spring 2020, the property, which was built in the 1980s, was extensively renovated without changing the originality of the clear, mediterranean outlined architecture. Both inside and outside, the house was given a fresh face of natural materials, especially clay.

Especially inside clay has some very positive effects: it regulates humidity as well as temperature and thus promotes a constantly pleasant living climate. Clay is one of the oldest building materials in the world and at the same time perfectly suited to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern building technology. “We love the clay technology, the feel, the concept and the look, which is pleasantly different from other materials, such as the usual acrylic paints,” says Nadia Said from Mestre Construtivo. “Clients appreciate that we are not just providing a home, but a sensory experience.”

A special place away from mass tourism

Casa Adèlia is embedded in the villa and apartment complex Algarve Cube Atlântico, within walking distance of Praia do Carvalho. The bathing bay, surrounded by steep cliffs, is small and pristine and does not usually attract tourist crowds. Characteristic of the view from the golden-colored beach: a large, pointed boulder washed by the clear, often turquoise water. One of the next largest towns – part of the country’s largest wine-growing region – is the southern Portuguese town of Lagoa, between Portimão and Albufeira. Other nearby beaches consistently mentioned by locals and travelers alike are Albandeira, Benagil, Carvoeiro and Marinha.

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Clay Highlight:

Clay surfacer – modern ambience with high individuality

The interior and exterior renovation of Casa Adèlia took eight months. For the full-service construction company Mestre Construtivo, which carried out the work, the job was made for them. All work focused on authenticity and naturalness. “Our primary goal was to maintain the good quality of life in the villa,” says Nadia Said. “Among other things, we optimized the property with energy efficiency in mind.”

All the building components used, especially CLAYTEC’s YOSIMA clay surfacer, support a pleasant and warm atmosphere. They also offer an appealing design and sustainable technology.” YOSIMA clay surfacer is exceptionally well suited as a smooth wall finish to create a modern ambiance with a personal touch. The wide variance of color shades – 146 in number – stands for high individuality. All nuances come without artificial dyes and pigments. ” As an experienced construction company, we have been using CLAYTEC materials for many years, to the great satisfaction of our customers. Clay as an ecological building material offers an effective concept in terms of indoor climate and healthy living. In addition, the products always create a very beautiful appearance, for every individual design wish.”


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