THE WASNERIN Health and Nature Hotel

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THE WASNERIN Health and Nature Hotel

Appreciate what’s important

At THE WASNERIN Health and Nature Hotel, you can spend your holiday “time-outing”. You’re not familiar with the term? The hotel team coined the word themselves to describe the state of pure relaxation away from modern everyday stress. This is achieved by putting a stop to overstimulation and instead promoting mindful sensory impressions. An important element here: clay earth in various forms.

Holidaying in nature

The picturesque Salzkammergut with its blue lakes, green meadows, and stone-grey peaks provides the natural framework for your rest and relaxation – as a panorama, but also in the hotel, starting with its name. A “Wasnerin” is a person who lives on a grassy meadow.

Laid out to optimise the connection with these surroundings, the part of the traditional hotel that was newly built in 2006 includes a large wellness area and is shaped like a horseshoe. In the open courtyard with its outdoor pools, the surrounding landscape and hotel building merge.

A spa day for the eyes as well

Inside, just the right balance of stimulation and relaxation meets the eye. Among other things, the earthen-clay walls, in their different forms, are responsible for this. A large rammed earth wall adorns the sauna area. Your gaze can get lost in the characteristic stripes that are created during the building process.

In the relaxation rooms as well as in the tea bar and the fireplace lounge, the visual effect of clay earth is more subtle but no less enjoyable. Here, your eye falls on coloured clay surfaces that are characterised by a special depth and liveliness.

A nose for good relaxation

With so many pleasing visual elements surrounding you, it’s almost a shame to close your eyes in relaxation. But don’t worry – you can enjoy the soothing effects of the earthen-clay walls with all your senses.

Clay earth regulates humidity by storing water molecules from the air and releasing them when needed. The natural wall surface can also bind pollutants and allergens. So even a person with allergies, can breathe in, breathe out, let go.

Be open to the new – and the tried and tested

Clay earth is not only a perfect fit from a wellness point of view, but also because of its environmentally friendly qualities and its tradition as a building material. When you have experienced the beneficial effects of Mother Nature, it is only natural to treat her as mindfully as possible. The hotel, whose origins can be traced back to the 15th century, has also dedicated itself to the motto “rediscovering the old”. Clay earth as a building material is one such rediscovery – tried and tested for centuries, it once again inspires at THE WASNERIN Hotel with its sought-after qualities.

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Clay Highlight:

Using the versatility of clay earth – with Claytec

Earthen clay, a natural building material, can be used in many different ways – as a structural building material, wall surface, paint and even in modern drywall construction. For the rammed earth wall in the sauna area, the earthen-clay mixture from Claytec was poured into a formwork in layers and compacted. This results in the typical horizontal stripes.

In THE WASNERIN Hotel, one of the world’s most traditional building methods meets diverse modern colour availability. The coloured wall areas in the relaxation room as well as in the tea bar and the fireplace lounge were designed with YOSIMA clay designer plaster. The fine wall surface is available in 146 colours – all based on the natural colouring of clay varieties, which are mixed to create this variety. Six natural additives such as straw or mother-of-pearl further expand the design scope. This allows modern colour concepts to be implemented in a completely natural way.


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