The Mill of Krabat the Sorcerer

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The Mill of Krabat the Sorcerer

Preserving the magic

Dajće so zakuzłać – this is how the Krabat Mill in Saxon Lusatia welcomes you. Translated, the Sorbian words mean: let yourself be enchanted. The theme park does indeed have a magic inside. Based on the Black Mill, from Sorbian literature, an excursion destination has been created from historic clay half-timbered houses and new buildings matching the traditional style. A special place dedicated to Sorbian culture and the magician Krabat.


The legend of the mischievous wizard who helps the needy and plays tricks on the wealthy is an integral part of Sorbian culture. The figure of Krabat originated in stories about the Croatian colonel Johann Schadowitz, who found a second home here at the end of the 17th century.

Inspired by the legend, the Sorbian author Juri Brězan and the well-known children’s author Ottfried Preußler created their exciting stories of young Krabat. The boy is apprenticed to an evil sorcerer in the Black Mill in Koselbruch near Schwarzkollm. When Krabat sees through the sorcerer’s deceit, he stands up to him and heroically defeats him.

The reconstruction of the Mill of Krabat the Sorcerer in Schwarzkollm combines historical first-hand accounts, legend, literature and film as well as Sorbian culture.

Rebuilding historic half-timbered houses

The model for the literary setting was a historic mill that had fallen into disrepair. Here, the association “Krabatmühle-Schwarzkollm e.V.”, together with many volunteers and travelling craftsmen, rebuilt the Black Mill with six outbuildings and gave them modern functions.

In order to do so, they used some historic mill buildings from the surrounding area. In the Mill of Krabat the Sorcerer you can marvel at elaborate carvings, original film props from the 2008 Krabat film adaptation and historic milling technology. Adjacent, a barn from the registry of historical landmarks has been rebuilt in a clay/wood construction.

Preserving culture

Another historic mill barn now hosts events for the Sorbian community as well as theatre performances. The so-called “Observation Workshop”, which is named after the Sorbian author Juri Brězan, was once a residential house that was rebuilt on this site and is now used for demonstrations.

During the reconstruction of the historical building with its massive plinth and earthen-clay half-timbering in the upper floor and attic, it was possible to combine the historical character with the new use. Here you can Immerse yourself in Sorbian culture. Discover exhibits on traditional Sorbian dress and customs as well as regional handicrafts. Rooms for children’s and youth groups enable the passing on of traditional knowledge and handicrafts as well as the Sorbian language.

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Clay Highlight:

Traditional building – with earthen clay building materials from Claytec

A few years passed between the dismantling of the historic house in its original location and its reconstruction as an “Observation Workshop”. During this time the dismantled timber frame was temporarily stored. When it was rebuilt, the frames were re-filled true to the original with earthen clay blocks from Claytec.

This timelessness is the magic of clay earth building materials. Earthen clay is still used today as it was hundreds of years ago – because it has proven itself. As a moisture regulator, the clay protects the structural timber, so that no chemical wood preservative is necessary. If the original clay-earth substance is preserved, it can even be processed and reused. This recycling is only possible with clay earth.

In order to modify the demonstrations workshop as little as possible, yet still achieve today’s energy standards, the walls were clad on the inside with Claytec Pavadentro wood fibre insulation boards. These drywall boards also separate the inner-wall construction from the outer plaster, so that cracks caused by movements in the timber framework are prevented.


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