Surplace Poetry Hotel

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Surplace Poetry Hotel

Creativity lies in tranquillity

Do you know Spitzweg’s painting of the poor poet? The sunken poet on a bed of blankets and pillows in his little garret? The rooms of the Poetry Hotel in Bever, Belgium, are the comfortable version of this scene – without a cold tiled stove and protective umbrella, but with lots of cosy wood and rich clay walls. An ideal place for poets, thinkers, and anyone seeking space for contemplation and inspiration.

A place that celebrates poetry

The old corner house in the small village of Bever, southwest of Brussels, has an eventful history. It has housed a café, a post office, a print shop and a pigeon farm. This history makes it all the quieter today. This special hotel with seven rooms is dedicated to poetry and creative moments.

Each of the seven rooms has been dedicated to a contemporary Dutch-speaking poet. He or she was invited to spend a few days here and write a poem. This poem adorns the wall of each room. On the room’s bookshelves, you will find the complete works of the poet.

The value of natural rhythms

Appreciation for the creative process was also the guiding principle in the design of the rooms. This applies to the way the historical building was transformed into a hotel as well as to nature’s creativity. Tried and tested, eco-friendly building materials such as earthen-clay plaster and recycled wood fit the concept perfectly.

Earthen clay building materials can be recycled again and again. Even after hundreds of years, they can be removed, rewetted with water, and reused. Clay-earth wall surfaces also support the creative atmosphere of the hotel. With its deep and lively colours and its ability to regulate the room climate, earthen clay impacts all your senses.

Tangible creative craftsmanship 

In addition to the effects of clay earth on indoor climate, the history of the building material, and its ecological advantages, the owners decided to use earthen clay plaster and clay paint for another reason. They did all the plastering of the wall design themselves, for which clay earth is particularly suitable.

“The good workability and above all the long setting time give you the opportunity to work particularly carefully and creatively. It’s simply fun,” the owner recalls. The attentiveness and creative joy that went into the creation of the walls contribute positive energy and lend a special flair to the design.

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Clay Highlight:

Clay plaster and paint from Claytec, for walls and ceilings

Each of the seven rooms in the small hotel is different. This is due to the floorplan layout. It determines the furniture and the appearance of the fixtures. What they all have in common is the wall surface made of fine clay plaster.

The different colour in each room also emphasises their individuality. Walls and ceilings were painted with Clayfix clay paints in the same shade, which has a very harmonious effect. In two of the attic rooms, the natural colour of the earthen-clay plaster finish was left.


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