Schönburg Castle Hotel

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Schönburg Castle Hotel

Get an unadulterated taste of an authentic castle atmosphere

“You will visit the Rhine again one day, won’t you?” asked Bettina von Arnim in a letter to Goethe. And indeed, the Rhine with its many castles is always worth a visit. The castle hotel “Auf Schönburg” makes the trip even more attractive. At the 1,000-year-old keep, you can immerse yourself in the romance of the castle, enjoy the magnificent views of the Rhine or take a deep breath and relax in a suite with a private sauna and a feel-good room climate.

Dive into 1,000 years of history

Schönburg Castle near Oberwesel has been enthroned high above the Middle Rhine for 1,000 years. The mighty walls and towers of the former knight’s castle look as if they are growing out of the rocky mountainside. The castle itself consists of a maze of buildings and courtyards. The original keep was built upon repeatedly as the knightly dynasty split into several lines, all of whom lived in the castle at the same time.

In the 1950s, the Hüttl family leased the southern part of the castle, rebuilt it, and has run it as a hotel and restaurant ever since.

Breathe deeply in suites with private saunas and feel-good climates

The current “lord of the castle” has been exploring the castle grounds since he was a child. Now he is gradually opening up more areas as part of the hotel, modernising the existing rooms and giving the 27 rooms and suites a modern, upscale castle atmosphere with antique furniture and a lot of attention to detail.

Take a stroll through the lovely castle garden or let your gaze fall on the Rhine through the stained-glass windows of the Restaurant. Spend the night in one of the two suites in the former bailiff’s house. A sauna turns each of their bathrooms into a personal spa area!

During the renovation, the drywall construction work was carried out in earthen clay. Clay earth naturally regulates air humidity. Thus, the room climate remains pleasant even after an indulgent bath and you can breathe easily.

Enjoy the view of the Rhine at your feet

Another highlight: the view over the Rhine. The location high above the river provides you with a magnificent view. Both suites have their own small outdoor seating area from which you can let your gaze wander.

And then, as you enjoy the view with a glass of Schönburg wine, you quote the poet Hölty: “A life like in paradise // Granted us by father Rhine; // I admit it, a kiss is sweet, // But sweeter is the wine.”

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Clay Highlight:

Drywall materials from Claytec

As part of the renovation work in the former Vogtshaus, the hotel owner decided to use clayboard drywall building materials. This is an ideal way to not only change the look of the room but also to give the indoor climate an update.

Clay earth is a good moisture regulator. It absorbs some of the moisture when humidity is high and releases it again when the humidity in the room drops. In this way, clay earth also protects against mould growth, which can occur on damp wall surfaces. In addition, earthen clay drywall construction is free from harmful substances.

In the castle hotel, Claytec clay dry plasterboards were used with earthen clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar. The construction was then finished with clay plaster in white.


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