Salon de Cook

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Salon de Cook

Inherent Goodness

Salon de Cook in Seoul’s chic Gangnam district is not just about cooking and eating – it’s about community and enjoyment. Both are often neglected these days. It doesn’t take much: the right ingredients, like-minded people and a place that offers the right setting. In the salon, where cooking classes and private cooking events take place, the focus is on the high quality of seasonal ingredients – and on the design quality of a timeless building material: clay earth.

Modern salon architecture for a new culture

The model for the design of the Salon de Cook was the idea of a classical salon as a place for innovation, discussion and culture. But instead of art, poetry or politics, the focus here is on cooking and eating together. At the long counter, you can deepen your cooking skills, and at different tables, you can enjoy the food in larger or smaller groups.

The design of the Salon de Cook is futuristic: rounded corners, backlit suspended ceilings, and wall inserts for the fireplace and mirror that emerge sculpturally from the wall. The materials glass, steel and polished natural stone add to this.

A timeless building material for fine wall design

The grid of narrow metal strips embedded in the wall also creates a modern look. But instead of the expected smooth wall panels, you will find a surprise here: a fine wall surface made of grey clay designer plaster.

In addition to the tactile surface, the clay design plaster also has good building biology properties. It regulates the air humidity, which has a positive effect on the indoor climate, especially in rooms where humidity is high due to cooking or many people gathering.

If you take a closer look, you will discover other natural materials such as wood in the form of a solid tabletop or floor. And suddenly what at first strikes you as a futuristic spaceship becomes a place that anchors you in the here and now with its solid quality.

Seasonal food for the best possible enjoyment

While the design builds bridges between yesterday, today and tomorrow, the selection of food and ingredients in the Salon de Cook is all about the changing seasons and the right timing.

Each month, a seasonal food item is chosen, which is then combined with a few other selected ingredients to create a dish. The aim is to bring out the full flavour of the item’s natural ripeness.

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Clay Highlight:

Clay design plaster from Claytec for high-quality interiors

The Salon de Cook is a place where a new epicurean culture is created through food. The wall design using clay earth has already achieved this. It combines modern design with a tactile surface.

The Jong Kim Design Studio selected YOSIMA clay designer plaster in Kolumba grey. The grey colour harmonises perfectly with materials such as glass and stainless steel. Like all 146 shades of the YOSIMA colour palette, it is created exclusively from the natural colours of clay earth, which are mixed accordingly.

The ability to be applied in a thin layer makes the designer plaster particularly easy to work with. This made it possible to execute design ideas such as rounded corners and embedded metal bands in the plaster surface. The YOSIMA was equally well suited for the plastering of wall inserts and other surfaces in the Salon.


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