Rössle Hotel in Rechenberg

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Rössle Hotel in Rechenberg

Providing a visual impact and a sense of life

Maple, Orchard Foyer, Chestnut: Even the conference rooms‘ names – there are 17 in total – suggest a certain affinity for nature. Lutz Sperr is the third generation to run the RÖSSLE Hotel in Rechenberg in the Hohenlohe region of Baden-Württemberg, idyllically surrounded by meadows and forests. And he runs it traditionally and with passion: Passion for hospitality as well as for unspoiled nature. The holiday facility – continuously optimised, expanded and specialising in events, vacation living and culinary delights – appears one with its picturesque and historic location near the Bavarian border. „Many guests mention the good air quality of our rooms and event spaces to me“, says the hotelier. He has ensured this himself: with clay earth, one of the world’s oldest and most authentic building materials.

A building material with a soul

It all started with the sight of a wall, plastered with clay and straw. „The very first thing that fascinated me were the optics. Then I looked into the unprocessed nature of the material“, Lutz Sperr recalls. Promptly, in 1999, he had the hotel’s conference centre built using earthen clay. Since then, he has relied on clay earth during the renovation and refurbishment of the guest rooms in the main building and in the guest house, and during other extensions, too. „It feels great to run your hand over a clay-plastered wall. Clay earth adds soul and very special energy to our rooms.“ Earthy colours and textures produce elegant effects, while old oak floorboards and wooden beams take the cosiness one step further. „Cement or gypsum, on the other hand, do not evoke any emotions“, reflects the hotel owner: „Nothing in those is alive. Clay earth may be slightly more prone to signs of wear, but that’s charming patina. And it can easily be reworked if necessary.“

With both plasterer and building-material producer, Lutz Sperr hit the bull’s eye, as all three of them share a common passion: clay earth, a healthy and sustainable building material. „It’s important to me that my contractors share my philosophy”, he says. „CLAYTEC as well as REISS, my plasterer, are perfect project partners for me.” This is because both of them focus their expertise on enabling ecological and yet modern construction, using traditional materials and contemporary finishing techniques.

A lot to discover

At least as inviting and multifaceted as the location itself is its surrounding area. The Hohenlohe region is, among other things, known for its scenic river valleys of Kocher, Jagst and Bühler. Hikers will be thrilled with the options for both activity and relaxation, for instance observing flora and fauna or enjoy contemplative views. The Hohenloher region can be explored equally well by bike: Orchard meadows, gently rolling hills, vineyards, forests, but also historic towns with stately palaces, mysterious castles and exciting museums offer eventful variety – and, often enough, take visitors with them to another world.

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Clay Highlight:

Healthy air quality, natural appearance: Interior design with CLAYTEC earthen-clay products

Whether it is the pleasant acoustics, the permeability, the comfortable feel, the tranquil appearance, or the underlying sustainability of a building material that is all-natural: With the CLAYTEC clay products, hotel owner Lutz Sperr has turned his country hotel into something special. The conference centre building as well as all the renovated guestrooms and common areas were provided with Clay Undercoat Plaster – in part with straw – and on the surface finished with YOSIMA Clay Designer Plaster – also partly with straw as textural addition. Some rooms use Drywall Clay Boards to give the walls a soundproofing element. Over the clay drywall, CLAYFIX clay paint was applied to enhance their appearance as well as to balance temperature and moisture.


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