Störmede Manor

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Störmede Manor

Clay earth as an accolade for hospitality

Generosity and friendliness were among the knightly virtues of the Middle Ages. Hospitality was a duty. At Störmede Manor, formerly a knight’s residence, you will experience the contemporary realization of these values. They are expressed architecturally by the earthen-clay surfaces in all of the guest rooms and lobby. Even allergy sufferers can relax and breathe deeply in comfort.

Comfortable for everyone: clay earth as a wall surface

Traditional knightly hospitality extended to all who needed shelter. At the Störmede Manor in the North Rhine-Westphalian district of Soest, the owners feel particularly obliged to ensure that all guests have a pleasant stay.

The manor house on the property, protected under historical preservation laws, was carefully modernized and rebuilt. Celebrate private parties here, invite customers to be your guest at events, large and small, or enjoy the cuisine of the Sturmidi restaurant in the historic vaulted cellar.

As an event participant, conference guest or individual looking for relaxation, you are welcomed by the newly built neighbouring hotel building. This 4-star hotel with 55 hotel rooms and suites completes the gastronomic service of the manor and compliments it in a special way.

The walls in the guest rooms and parts of the lobby have an earthen-clay surface. Clay earth binds pollutants and allergens, removing them from the air and regulates humidity to an ideal level. The use of clay earth is not only a must for good hospitality but also the epitome of modern building. Most importantly you experience a room climate that is pleasing to all your senses.

Always modern: the materials, of course

Architecturally, the newly-built hotel also successfully complements the historical buildings on the grounds of Störmede Manor. Building materials such as wooden shingles on the facade as well as wood, natural stone and clay earth in its interior further this harmony between old and new. These materials have been used for centuries and yet are more relevant than ever.

Modern planning increasingly lays a focus on the entire life cycle of a building. This includes the manufacture of the building materials and their reusability should the building later be dismantled. Natural and partly renewable building materials have a much lower production carbon footprint and are easier to recycle. Clay earth can even be used multiple times over.

In terms of design, the warm earth tones and natural surfaces create a timeless and elegant ambiance. Knightly chivalric virtues also included persistence or constancy and high-spirits or revelry. At Störmede Manor you can experience both in a lively and contemporary way.

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Clay Highlight:

Natural clay building materials from Claytec for a modern lifestyle

Architect Markus Smolin and interior designer Cornelia Prien-Tepas opted for YOSIMA clay design plaster for the wall surfaces of the hotel rooms and the lobby in the new hotel building.

The two-millimetre thick layer of clay plaster absorbs pollutants and allergenic substances from the air. If humidity in the room is high, moisture is also absorbed and is stored between the mineral flakes of the clay earth. If the humidity drops, the stored water is released. YOSIMA clay designer plaster thus makes a significant contribution to a pleasant room climate.

When designing modern living spaces, YOSIMA clay designer plaster offers a great deal of creative freedom. 146 shades of earth tones are available. The natural colours of different types of earth are used during production so that no artificial dyes or pigments are necessary. Six different natural additives including straw, glitter, mother-of-pearl or herbs can be added to give the wall surface a unique structure.

Extra care was taken with the selection of the look for the walls of the manor hotel. The shades sienna brown and natural umber, each with the textural additive straw, and basic colours black and white – some with added glitter – were chosen. Even a jade green colour was achieved with YOSIMA clay designer plaster.


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