Thomeshof Guesthouse

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Thomeshof Guesthouse

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As is often found in border regions, the culture and lifestyle of both countries mix with one another. For this reason you will find Dutch friendliness and cosiness on the Lower Rhine region. You will also find wide open spaces, nature and typical farms. In one such farm, Thomeshof, you can spend the night in carefully refurbished guest rooms – with historic wooden beam ceilings, clay-plastered walls and rustic furniture typical of the region. Discover the secret of cosiness in this historical house.

Ecological construction in the entire hotel

The Thomeshof itself can look back on 200 years of history. In 2005, the old farm was lovingly renovated and transformed into a guesthouse with seven guest rooms, an apartment, an event space and a breakfast room. Today, all rooms welcome you with historical rural charm.

Nevertheless, you won’t miss modern comforts due to the use of natural, healthful building materials that have proven themselves for centuries. Clay drywall panels create contemporary floor plans.

Modernisation of the interior wall insulation using wood-fibre insulation boards and clay building materials ensures pleasant warmth and low energy consumption in the old building – without it being necessary to change the façade of the house. Two advantages of clay as a building material come into play here – good heat storage and moisture regulation. The combination of both makes the building material ideal for interior insulation.

All rooms can be reached via an arcade that leads off the pebble-paved courtyard. An idyllic place that also invites you to linger and gather with friends.

Nature as far as the eye can see

Despite the inviting rooms, we recommend an excursion out into the surrounding countryside. In the Schwalm-Nette nature park, where the former farm is located, you can discover rare animal and plant species. Historical mills offer the typical crumble cake in their cafés.

Alternatively you can explore the area on horseback. The Thomeshof is also home to many ponies and horses, with which excursions into the nature reserve are possible.

After an active day outdoors, you will return in the evening to your charming rustic room all the happier.

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Clay Highlight:

Historic interior wall insulation from Claytec for new living standards

The successful conversion of the historical farmhouse into a guesthouse was accomplished using Claytec’s ecological building materials. The outside walls were insulated from the inside using Claytec HFD wood fibre insulation boards. The boards insulate effectively starting at a thickness of 40 mm and enables moisture proof protection for most exterior walls. Claytec HFD is attached with Claytec clay mortar. The mortar is also suitable for the reinforcement layer on the panels. In addition to good insulating effects, interior wall insulation using Claytec wood fibre boards also provides separation between masonry or half-timbering and interior plaster. This allows for the prevention of potential cracks to the plaster.


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