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Oberkirch Winemakers

A sensuous wall surface for extraordinary wines

A good wine cellar is quiet, dark and damp. But is that a place where you want to taste the wine? Oberkirch winemakers has added a so-called Vinotorium to its new wine cellar – an underground “cathedral of wine”. The rough clay plastered walls of the room look as if they had been dug out of the earth of the vineyard where the wine in your glass came from.

You experience: Wine enjoyment with depth

As is every good wine cellar, the new Vinotorium is located underground – over eight meters deep. It is a reinterpretation of a classic vaulted cellar and a place designed to appeal to all of your senses.

Around the perimeter of the room, bathed in warm light, there are wine barrels in long rows stacked two-by-two. Behind them, a rough clay plaster reminds you that you are underground.

The straw and clay plaster was applied in a thick layer and the surface was designed in rough relief. An earthy beige was chosen as the colour. The room looks as if it had been carved out directly from the surrounding soil.

You feel: the right climate for people and enjoyment

The natural wall surface is not only appealing to look at; the clay construction also has a moisture-regulating effect. This is important for rooms built underground which are intended for use as meeting and gathering spaces. A high level of humidity – as occurs when many people are in a room – can negatively impact the indoor climate and can lead to condensation on cold outside walls. Thanks to the clay building materials used, the air quality remains comfortable and you can enjoy your visit.

Not only is clay able to regulate humidity, there is also another positive effect of its use in the wine cellar: The combination of the underground location with the clay construction means that energy-guzzling air conditioning can be dispensed with.

You see: the modern version of a classic vaulted cellar

The modern vaulted ceiling is another highlight of the Vinotorium. Upon entering the space, you will find yourself sipping wine seated under a canopy of oak slats – reminiscent of the barrels used in the aging process. Each beam was given its unique shape in a computer design process. The design concept evolved from an amalgam between three classic vaulted ceiling forms, simple to more complex – a physical depiction of the different complexities that exist between wines.

The union of the clay walls, the contrasting white Corian Cubes framing a sculpture of vines and earth representing wine terroir, and the linear furniture, give the impression of an almost sacred space. A space where you may immerse yourself in the world of wine enjoyment.

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Clay Highlight:

Claytec straw and clay plaster, for special effects with traction

The master plasterer responsible for the clay walls of the Vinotorium, Thomas Glück, calls this form of wall design an Earthwall – made of clay to look as though it has been worked out of the ground. For this functionally and aesthetically challenging wall design, the builders used Clay undercoat plaster with straw. It can be applied in a thickness of up to 35 mm in one go. Its excellent workability not only enables special wall designs, but also makes it a universal solution for any type of plastering work. The popular classic is used as the basis for all Claytec clay finishing plasters.


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