Monschau Townhouse

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Monschau Townhouse

Not new, but modern

During the restoration of the historical townhouse in Monschau, North Rhine-Westphalia, the building owners used a technology that only works with clay earth. The old clay-straw mixture was partially removed, processed with modern clay-earth building materials from Claytec and used again. This procedure is just one example of the thinking behind the conversion of the historic factory and residential building into a modern holiday house: preserving a piece of history while focusing on sustainability.

The historical half-timbered house in the heart of Monschau – a picturesque small town in the Eifel low mountain range – was built in 1780 by the cloth company M.P.W. Troistorff. For many decades it was a dye works, then later a residential building. Today you can hold family reunions, weddings or seminars here for up to 22 people. The atmosphere of the thoughtful, stylish and historically modernized townhouse offers you a very unique and special setting.

Clay earth: a building material appropriate for historical preservation while also possessing the most modern qualities

When it came to the existing building structure made of clay earth and the plastered ceiling beams, a so-called “Cologne Ceiling”, the building material clay earth was relied on for preservation during the renovation process. This material is one that the builders of the house valued and used in 1780. The house was restored down to the original quarry-stone walls and preservation of this historical landmark was considered even in the smallest details.

In addition to its ecologically-friendly aspects, clay earth has other unique characteristics that contribute to your well-being throughout the house. Clay-earth building materials are non-toxic, skin-friendly and do not contain any allergens. At the same time, these materials regulate humidity and bind odours. The moisture regulation also protects the wood construction, making chemical treatments for wood protection unnecessary.

Building technology: sustainability for future generations

Everything becomes particularly cosy when – as you can experience for yourself in the Monschau Townhouse – clay earth is paired with modern wall heating. The pleasant radiant heat is stored by the clay earth and released evenly and with almost no dust.

You can set your preferred temperature very easily and conveniently using the latest in home automation. The entire house is controlled by a cohesive smart home automation system. Here, too, the goal was to combine increased comfort with sustainability and lasting energy savings.

Another innovation increasing the home’s positive environmental impact is the water recovery system. Rainwater and wastewater from showers and hand basins are collected and treated. This treated water, of nearly potable quality, is then recycled and used for toilets and to water the garden.

Speaking of the garden: The 350 square meter garden behind the townhouse can be used as a place to retreat with a book or as an event location. It is also designed to be pollinator and animal friendly. Here, too, the following applies: Modern does not mean reinventing everything, but rather embracing those things which have stood the test of time and combining them with new elements.

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Clay Highlight:

Modern building materials: Claytec for landmark preservation and ecologically-friendly restoration

Monschau impresses with its intact historical townscape. The Monschau Townhouse, with its pink plaster façade, typical of the construction period, contributes to this. In order not to alter the exterior appearance while meeting requirements for comfort and low energy use inside, the building was insulated with CLAYTEC HFD interior insulation board.

The interior insulation was affixed with screws and covered with Claytec undercoat plaster with straw. CLAYTEC reed matting served as a plaster base. The thick layer of plaster coating also forms the foundation for further wall construction. Glass fibre mesh was used as surface reinforcement under the Claytec clay-earth  finishing plaster. A vapour-permeable silicate coating completes the wall structure.


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