Lichteck Holiday Apartments

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Lichteck Holiday Apartments

Clay earth in its warmest light

Jörg Page, as a master in furnace and air heating construction, knows the cosy side of earthen clay – Clay earth is a very good heat store. In the three holiday flats in the Bavarian Forest, which the craftsman built on his spacious property, you can enjoy not only the comfort of a fireplace but also the pleasant radiant heat from clay-earth walls with in-wall heating.

On fire for clay earth

For some time now fireplaces have been primarily valued for the ambience they give a space. Today, however, increasing consideration is being given to a return to the traditional use of heating with fireplaces. This goes hand in hand with the rediscovery of classic tiled stoves and fireplaces.

Examples of how such fireplaces can look and, above all, how pleasant they are to experience, can be found in the Lichteck holiday flats, on the border with the Czech Republic and Austria. The spacious house, set on a large piece of unspoilt land, is divided into three bright and comfortable holiday apartments accommodating two people each and all equipped with a large fireplace.

Another tradition experiencing a revival is the use of clay earth as a heat store, which allows for the use of combustion energy as effectively as possible. The natural material with its high thermal mass stores the heat from the fire and releases it slowly and evenly. This keeps the room warm long after the fire has burned down.

Earthen clay radiates warmth

Clay earth not only stores heat but also provides an added level of comfort with radiant heat. In contrast to radiators, radiant heat from clay-earth does not heat the air in a room, but rather the objects and bodies in it – comparable to the beneficial warmth of the sun.

Draft-free and low-dust radiant heating can also be achieved using earthen clay without a fireplace. You can achieve the same effect with in-wall heating in a clay-earth wall. In the Lichteck holiday apartments, the entire interior of the three flats uses earthen-clay building materials and clay drywall construction coupled with in-wall heating.

Light-flooded rooms, modern fixtures and a cosy furnishing style with natural surfaces and contemporary solid wood furniture complete the feel-good atmosphere.

Gaze out into the distance and enjoy the view from the balcony. Smell the ripeness of the apples in the apple tree near the patio. Follow the sun while hiking through the beautiful surrounding landscape. Close your eyes in the evening and enjoy the cosy radiant warmth that picks up where the sun left off.

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Clay Highlight:

Warmly recommended – interior construction with clay-earth building materials from Claytec

The shell of the Lichteck holiday home was built using brick. The interior was built with clay building materials from Claytec. As an excellent heat store, in combination with the stove builder’s fireplaces and wall heating, it ensures a special degree of comfort.

The interior walls were plastered with clay plaster mixed with straw, in which the in-wall heating was embedded. It can be applied in layers of up to 35 mm. This was followed by a topcoat of clay plaster and finished with YOSIMA designer plaster. YOSIMA clay designer plaster is available in 146 shades – all of which are created using the natural colours of clay.

Some of the brick ceilings were plastered directly with clay earth. The rest were covered with clay drywall boards and then plastered over. The sloping ceilings in the “Zaungast” holiday apartment are also clad with clay drywall panels from Claytec in combination with clay in-wall heating modules.

In order to ensure that every corner of the house stays comfortable, a reed panel insulation was hung on the interior of some of the outer walls and then plastered with earthen clay.


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