Long Creek Farm

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Long Creek Farm

Experience a sense of nature

Nothing happens in nature without a reason. And so it is with Long Creek farm. Nothing about the Black Forest farm from 1813 is coincidental. Here you can experience the principles of nature and its fundamentals: food, fuel and of course building materials such as wood, natural stone and clay earth.

Today you can book the skilfully restored farm as a holiday or seminar house for up to 15 people. In this special place, it is easy to concentrate on only the indispensable and to experience the deep camaraderie that comes with sharing that focus with others. The journey begins upon arrival, but the effects of your stay will be long-lasting.

Hitting the brakes – returning to the source

Long Creek farm is located in a lonely valley in the middle of the Black Forest. In a curve of the unpaved path, the historical farm nestles against the slope under a towering wooden shingled roof.

The three-storey half-timbered house with the finely decorated balconies rests on a foundation made of clay plaster and whitewashed natural stones. Built this way for good reason – during the restoration, the foundation was repaired and rebuilt using original building materials, such as clay earth.

Reset – In harmony with nature

Much of the original interior has also been preserved. The decision to forego WiFi was a deliberate one, instead, there is a large room with space for 15 people to sit together. A tiled stove is used for heating.

When furnishing the space, vintage pieces were combined with modern functions. While you can cook over an open fire in the old smokehouse kitchen or over its wood-burning stove, a sleek glass cook-top in the modern kitchen is also available. Or perhaps you’d prefer to be provided with food from the surrounding farms and the region?

The rooms are modelled on historical sleeping chambers. The bathrooms with underfloor heating, assigned to each room, offer modern comfort.

On the inner walls you will find only natural building materials. Clay earth has always proven its worth, especially in kitchens, bathrooms and common rooms. As a wall surface, clay earth absorbs odours as well as air humidity that arises through use.

New start – safely grounded in everyday life

When you leave Long Creek farm, your clothes may smell a bit of smoke. While this will fade, the emotions called up by your time here will stay fresh in your mind for a long time. The reverence for the grandeur of nature and its treasures, the appreciation of the meaningfulness of centuries-old building traditions and the enrichment that building materials such as clay earth represent today more than ever thanks to their function and diversity.

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Clay Highlight:

Clay earth building materials from Claytec tap into centuries-old knowledge

When Long Creek farm was renovated, tried and tested building traditions were relied upon. Claytec supplied the appropriate materials. Wherever the interior walls are not made of wood or panelled with wood, they were built with clay earth as a base and finish. This was especially the case with substrates made of brick, quarry stone and new concrete walls. Clay plaster can be applied to different and changing substrates without difficulty. The walls were partially left clay-coloured. YOSIMA clay designer plaster in white, black and terra cotta colour was used for the coloured design. The old smokehouse kitchen got a new clay-earth vaulted ceiling using willow branches. The old plaster walls were re-coated with black clay plaster. Clay earth is not flammable and has an odour-binding effect. Clay earth was also used as masonry mortar and external plaster. The clay earth was adapted to building requirements using additions such as hemp.


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