Hotel Herrmann

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Hotel Herrmann

In harmony with nature

Baden-Württemberg is known as the land of inventors – from cars to zeppelins. Currently, the little state is developing itself as a pioneer in sustainable economic forms and conscious living. You can experience the resulting qualities at Hotel Hermann, a traditional hotel with a vision for the future. Hotel Herrmann provides an experience of harmonious coexistence between outdoor adventures and deceleration from the frenzied pace of life, old and new architecture, and earthen clay and wood.

Living and working in harmony with nature

Münsingen is located in the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve. Since 2009, large parts of the picturesque landscape with its dense beech forests, wide orchards and the striking Alb ridge – the transition from the mountains to the foreland – have been recognised by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

In an area almost as large as Berlin, exemplary ideas are being developed and tested on how man and nature can coexist on an equal footing. With more than 100 local partners – businesses such as the Hotel Herrmann – you can experience mindful consumption, responsibility towards people and the environment, and a forward-thinking outlook.

New architecture enriches historic village centre

The 4-star hotel with an upscale restaurant is now being run – and further developed – by the fourth generation of the Autenreith family. The hotel centrepoint is the historical half-timbered house in the picturesque village centre. Right next door you will find a modern extension that confidently but carefully blends in with the existing buildings.

The large wellness area and the eleven modern rooms as well as a cosy foyer welcome you after a long hike and invite you to enjoy the elements of nature indoors. Especially in the rooms and the foyer, a reference to the biosphere reserve was created by using a lot of wood and clay earth. The façade of the two-storey flat-roofed building is also clad in wood.

A rammed earth wall connects the indoors and outdoors

A special feature found in the foyer is a rammed-earth wall. It forms the backdrop for a modern fireplace. Ideal, because the clay earth stores the heat of the fire and continues to radiate it into the space even after the fire has burned down. The wall extends into the outdoor area, where it separates the guest terrace from the patio of the hotel’s meeting space.

You will also find decorative and functional rammed earth in the guestrooms. Here, half-height rammed-earth walls separate bed- and bathrooms. The characteristic horizontal layers of rammed earth harmonise perfectly with the grain of the wood on bedroom ceilings and walls.

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Clay Highlight:

Rammed earth from Claytec for rediscovered handicraft tradition

Rammed earth is one of the oldest forms of earthen clay processing. The building material is placed in layers between two formworks and compacted. This results in the characteristic stripes.

The traceable manufacturing process corresponds to today’s desire for authenticity and makes a rammed earth wall something special. This also applies to the rammed earth walls in the Hotel Herrmann. They were made of natural brown rammed earth from Claytec.

A special feature of the newly built hotel is the rammed earth wall in the outdoor area. Visually, it connects the interior and exterior. A concrete base and a Corten steel cover protect it from the weather and rising damp.


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