Arlberg Hotel

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Arlberg Hotel

Interior design inspired by nature

When do you like the Alps best? In the summer with its green mountain meadows or in winter when white slopes invite you to ski? No matter which season you arrive in, the cosy 5-star Hotel Arlberg in Lech, Austria, is the right starting point for hiking tours or downhill skiing. Within the hotel, the interior design captures the alpine feeling with a carefully selected colour concept and natural building materials such as clay earth and natural stone.

Nature as a guarantor of well-being

The history of the village of Lech and the Hotel Arlberg are closely linked. When Johann Schneider founded his inn in the 1950s, Lech was a small farming village. In his function as both hotelier and mayor of the town, he helped shape its development into the holiday destination it is today.

Always important in this process: gentle development that shows appreciation for the landscape. Today, the third generation is already poised to continue the family business and the hotel is constantly developing. The interior design does not strive to compete with the picturesque landscape, rather, the interior design brings the beauty of nature and its soothing effects indoors.

The suites, junior suites, double and single rooms as well as the three restaurants and the luxurious wellness area are all designed in a modern alpine style. Wood, clay plaster and Valzer quartzite stone covered the walls, ceilings and floors. Thanks to the natural materials – first and foremost the earthen clay – you also enjoy a healthy and natural room climate indoors, free of pollutants and allergens.

The colours of the mountains as a model

The idea of a natural ambience is reinforced by the colour concept. The clay-plastered wall and ceiling surfaces are coloured – either in a summery jade green or a wintery silver-white. Additives such as straw or glitter further emphasise the effect.

In addition to the reference to nature, the different colours create different moods and feelings. This is thoughtfully used in the individual guestrooms and common spaces. The earthen clay plasters do not need any artificial pigments. Different clays give them their variations in colour. In this way, the idea of natural beauty is consistently carried through, down to the last detail.

Incidentally, Lady Di also appreciated the nature in Lech and the atmosphere in the Hotel Arlberg. She spent her winter holidays here between 1991 and 1995. A signed photo in the foyer commemorates the beloved guest.

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Clay Highlight:

146 Colours of the Earth by Claytec

The implementation of the well-thought-out colour concept in the Hotel Arlberg was carried out with YOSIMA clay design plaster from Claytec. 146 colour shades are available for this purpose. All of them are based on the natural colour of clays, which are added as a binder and for colouring.

Seven different add-ins, such as straw, sisal, grass and herbs or mother-of-pearl, granite and glitter, further expand the design scope by giving the surface a unique structure. The appearance of the wall surface can be further varied by using different application techniques. This creates walls with a special depth of colour and brilliance.


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