Hensel Winery

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Hensel Winery

Cultivating a modern taste for tradition

Values like quality are timeless – but that doesn’t mean that they have to be presented in a traditional way. You can experience a perfect example of how to go about doing just that at Hensel winery in the Palatinate region. With inventiveness and contemporary thinking, Thomas Hensel has shaped the 300-year-old family business into a top winery. The most important element for this success: quality. And not only does this apply to wine production. The right presentation is given equal consideration. This includes a space with an architectural quality to match, and naturally the selection of clay plaster to make your visit an especially pleasurable experience.

Architectural quality built on clay

In the showroom, where you can taste and purchase the wines, the three essential values that distinguish the winery are combined: quality, enjoyment and modernity. The room should not only look good it should also feel and sound good.

The decision was made to use clay plaster as the wall surface. The natural building material improves the air in the room by binding particles and odours as well as regulating humidity. A soundproof ceiling ensures pleasant acoustics.

But clay earth not only has a positive effect on the room climate and therefore on your well-being. Thanks to its design versatility, it is also perfect for modern architecture.

Modern architecture as an archetype: floating showroom

The reference to the architecture of Mies van der Rohe is unmistakable. With its raised floor slab, the showroom appears to float slightly above the ground. A cantilevered ceiling plate forms its counterpart and in between, large glass surfaces provide the greatest possible transparency.

Inside the space follows a modern geometry of straight, clean lines. The use of high-quality materials in the interior was particularly important to the winemaker. Leather, wood and clay earth, therefore, compose the surfaces and furnishings.

The colour concept combines a gradient of cool grey tones with warm wood colours. By mixing different types of earth, clay plaster can take on almost any naturally occurring colour in the spectrum. This advantage, as well as the quality of the surface finish which can be varied by adding other materials, also make clay earth an attractive contemporary design material.

The winemaker Thomas Hensel sorts his wines into three categories – Upwind, Flying High and Icarus. You don’t have to go to Bad Dürkheim to guess into which of these categories the best wines fall. However, if you’d rather not guess, and instead would like to try the wines, take off for a bit and enjoy the fresh air, you should definitely plan a visit.

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Clay Highlight:

Harmonious duo: fine wines from Hensel with a backdrop of fine surfaces from CLAYTEC

When building the Hensel showroom visible and tangible quality was the top priority: This is why the winemaker and architects opted for YOSIMA clay designer plaster from CLAYTEC. The surface coating is applied in a 2 mm thick layer. Like all earth building materials, YOSIMA ensures an excellent indoor room climate. The air is purified and humidity is regulated.

YOSIMA clay designer plaster also meets the highest design requirements. Different surface treatments and the addition of various different elements to the plaster allow builders to achieve many different finishes – but always brilliant. The clay plaster offers a wide range of colours in 146 shades. In addition, almost any desired colour can be custom produced. The natural colours of loam and clay are used so that artificial colouring is not required.


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