Weimar Family-Friendly Hotel

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Weimar Family-Friendly Hotel

When a city trip turns into a (clay) journey of discovery

If you have ever tried to keep a hungry child busy in a hotel room at half past six in the morning, you will appreciate the concept of the family-friendly hotel Weimar. Instead of “accommodation in a double room” their motto is “at-home living in a hotel”. And if you’ve always wanted to know how pleasant the room climate is in a wooden house with clay-plastered walls, you will be thrilled.

Built from traditional materials

Ecological and healthy architecture is of major concern to the owner, restaurateur and father, Anselm Graubner. Except for the basement and stairwell, the three-story building is made entirely of wood – the first of its kind.

The owner attached particular importance to the expansion and furnishing of the rooms. Inside, clay joins the wood. The coloured plaster finish in light, warm colours, with it’s integrated wall heating, literally radiates warmth and stylish comfort.

Designed for families on urban adventures

At least as important to Anselm Graubner is to welcome families to the heart of the city. The hotel in Weimar’s old town has eleven apartments from 22 to 75 square meters: Oases of well-being in the middle of both the city and the hectic everyday life of a family – comfortably designed and furnished in in cosy Scandinavian-style

Whether as a couple or a three-generation family: Here you can not only sleep restfully, but also have the convenience of your own kitchen. Thanks to the moisture-regulating clay surfaces of the walls, you will feel comfortable even with the additional humidity.

A playroom and a rooftop terrace with a sandbox wait invitingly for you and your children or grandchildren. Or you can enjoy the selection and service of the onsite restaurant “Gretchen”.

Inspired by Bauhaus

The hotel is surrounded by local attractions, with Goethe House located two doors down from the hotel and the Anna Amalia Library not much further. Architecturally, however, the building is based on another important cultural heritage of the city: the Bauhaus design movement.

The three-storey building with a sloping roof blends in with the architecture of its neighbours along the narrow street. The long front façade of the house is divided into two parts – a plastered portion and a portion covered with a cladding in larch wood. This takes into account the small-scale neighbouring buildings. The interior was also designed in line with Bauhaus tradition, as can be seen in the triangular table T3 in every guestroom and in the restaurant.

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Clay Highlight:

Experience healthy living spaces in brilliant colours

For the design of the walls, the proprietor and architect chose Claytec’s YOSIMA designer clay plaster. It was applied to the interior as the final layer. The wide range of colours, 146 in total, was the deciding factor in the choice. Coloured clay and earth alone are responsible for the variety of hues, no dyes or pigments are used. This lends the plaster a special depth of colour and harmony. With six optional textural extras such as straw fibres, mother-of-pearl or herbs, further surface effects can be achieved. But clay plaster is not only an all-rounder in terms of colour. Due to its ability to regulate humidity, it ensures a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.


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