Domein Holset Winery

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Domein Holset Winery

Grounded in the best sense of the word

Winegrowing in the Netherlands? Yes, it’s possible – and it’s good. In the very south-western corner of the country, where Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet, you will find the Domein Holset wine estate. This is where Marianne Blijdesteijn and Erik Leferink grow the grapes for their highly acclaimed sparkling wines. But there is more to discover here: an old farmhouse come winery, for example, or earthen clay as terrazzo flooring.

From farmhouse to winery

Like a good wine, the idea for the winery matured slowly. In 2008, Marianne Blijdesteijn and Erik Leferink first developed the vision of growing wine in the village of Vaals. The starting point was an old farmhouse situated between the village and the rolling hills.

The renovations began in 2013. Four years later, the brick building typical to the region had become a winery. Seen from the front, not that much has changed. But if you walk around the building, large windows and carefully added balconies open up the old house to a small courtyard and the hills beyond.

Clay earth becomes terrazzo flooring

Behind the tall narrow windows on the ground floor, you will find the tasting room and shop. Like the entire building, it was designed and renovated with great skill and sensitivity by the architect Emmanuel Laugs.

Walls and ceilings were stripped back to their groundwork, only to be carefully but confidently supplemented with modern-reduced light strips, fixtures and furniture. In this way, the old remains as the basis for an evocative room – and lends it its atmospheric character.

A special but understated highlight is the clay terrazzo floor. The floor, made of earthen clay with the chippings typical of the terrazzo style, combines high-quality materials with high-quality craftsmanship. This makes it an ideal match for the philosophy of the winemakers, who focus on quality over quantity and craftsmanship over automation.

A tasting turns into a mini-vacation

But what do the Domein Holset sparkling wines taste like? You can find out at a tasting. Or you can rent a room for a few nights. Seven guest rooms have been created on the upper floor and attic of the old farmhouse. A holiday flat rounds out the offering for your overnight stay.

Clay earth was also used here – in the form of drywall and wall plaster. Each of the rooms is designed differently. This is underlined by the coloured YOSIMA Clay Designer Plaster. The colour shades are based on the natural variations in the colour of clay. A shade of grey was developed especially for the project to complement the 146 factory-standard shades offered.

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Clay Highlight:

Good from the ground up – Clay Terrazzo from Claytec

Terrazzo floors have been used since ancient times, made from trass lime. Today, concrete is typically used when creating these colourful floors. With Clay Terrazzo, Claytec offers an alternative that combines the advantages of clay with a classic look.

For the seamless floor, clay earth, which may be coloured using coloured clays if desired, is thoroughly mixed with natural stone chips. The mixture is laid in two steps and then polished after drying. This creates the typical terrazzo look with the visible stone chip pattern.

The floor feels pleasant and warm due to the properties of the clay earth. This can be further enhanced by combining it with underfloor heating. The ability of the earthen clay to store heat and release it evenly creates a particularly pleasant cosiness.


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