Cross-Over Restaurant

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Cross-Over Restaurant

Think global, design local

If you are looking for exciting contrasts and inspiring diversity, restaurant Cross-Over is the right place for you. The name says it all: Here you will find the best of everything – regional and international cuisine, quality and modern gastronomy, historic rooms and modern style, clay plaster and coloured velvet.

The diversity of the world as an exemplar

“Cross-Over has a modern, stylish ambience that can also be found in metropolises such as New York, London or Paris,” describes the hotel’s manager Johannes Gessler. The restaurant is located in the Reinach Castle hotel, a historic manor in the Black Forest, southwest of Freiburg / Breisgau.

The century-old building is not exactly a location where you would expect to find such stylish interior design. Armchairs and barstools upholstered with brightly shimmering velvet in green, violet and blue. Privacy screens with bronze-coloured ornamentation and floral decorations that harmonize with the colours of the chairs. Everywhere you look there is a feast for your eyes.

Clay as an anchor to the here and now

Despite all the international flair, the interior design is not arbitrary. All walls are plastered with a clay plaster in a dark yellow tone. The colour goes perfectly with the old exposed wooden beams and planks of the ceiling and the rustic tiles.

The plaster surface is striking. It is roughly structured and only partially smoothed. This gives it three-dimensionality and lively colour. The master plasterer Thomas Glück calls the application technique he developed: Black-Forest Artstyle.

The earthen clay reminds you in a pleasant way of where you are: in a historical castle in the Black Forest. It pays homage to historical building methods, is a local component of the international design and, thanks to the creative structure, a perfect complement to the rest of the elements in the room. It also ensures a pleasant room climate and binds odours. Both are feel-good factors in the large dining room.

The only constant is change

Cross-Over is one of three restaurants in the Reinach Castle hotel. In the historical manor’s courtyard, enclosed on three sides, you can celebrate, meet or simply relax.

In addition to the great ambience and the modern rooms, the star-rated gastronomy has brought the hotel recognition from beyond the borders of the Black Forest. In 2020 the hotel owners decided to redesign two of the three restaurants and give them a new gastronomy concept. Not only in their design will you find a mix of regional and international, but also a mix of the best of everything in terms of cuisine. Choose the options that suits you.

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Clay Highlight:

Claytec earth building materials are a contemporary choice

Clay earth is a jack-of-all-trades – not only when it comes to room climate and building physics, but also in terms of design. Hardly any other material can be used in such a versatile and creative way. This makes clay the right choice for every interior design.

In the modern, opulent interior design of the restaurant Cross-over, the clay-plastered walls with the rough surface structure create an exciting contrast to the velvet armchairs and bronze-coloured privacy screens.

For the special surface structure, master plasterer Thomas Glück applied clay undercoat plaster and clay topcoat plaster from Claytec in a layer thickness of up to 5 cm and gave them a natural-texture finish. This makes the colours – white and yellow – particularly bright and intense. A coating over the top of the clay plaster with a beeswax glaze solidifies the surface.


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