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Cloud 7even

The mountains as inspiration, clay as a medium

The wonderful landscape of the southern Rhine Valley with its surrounding mountains is the result of a natural process that has gone on for thousands of years. The same goes for the earth on which you set foot while hiking in the area. In the Cloud 7even holiday apartment, the earth and mountains combine in a creative clay wall design. Fortunately, creation of the wall design did not take as long.

Finding inspiration in what surrounds us

The apartment for two people is located between the southern Rhine Valley and the Black Forest, at the end of a small road, surrounded by rolling hills and dense forests. Through a large bay window, your gaze can wander over mountain peaks and woods. On a starry night, you can see the Milky Way in the sky.

This landscape paired with the vastness of the horizon inspired the owner Betina Pohl to create a mural depicting just that. Mountain ranges line up in jagged silhouettes to merge with the sky in the distance. The mural was created exclusively from coloured clay design plaster. The nine shades from anthracite to white were achieved simply by adding coloured clay.

Implementing ideas with what nature offers us

Not only the creative wall design brings nature into the rooms, which are furnished with a lot of creative flair. Furniture, textiles and decorations are made of natural materials such as wood, wicker, linen and earthenware. Light earth tones are complemented by pastel blue and green.

Under your feet lies a dark parquet floor and lightly glazed wooden beams run over your head. The walls conceal a particular comfort. When you reach out your hand, you can feel the fine velvety texture of the clay plaster that was used on all the walls. In colder months, the in-wall heating gives off a pleasant warmth. The clay plastered walls, including insulation, were also designed and built by the owner herself.

Many cultural and culinary delights await nearby in the cultural hub of Basel, directly over the Swiss border, or in the French Vosges mountains. Outings are, however, not an absolutely necessity. A break in the inspiring and harmonious holiday apartment may be the best way to tap into creative energy for your own ideas.

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Clay Highlight:

Claytec clay walls – for art, for handicraft, for you

Betina Pohl was looking for a building material that would meet her ecological and creative requirements and which would be easy to work with. The solution was clay building materials from Claytec. Insulation was applied to the walls underneath a clay plaster with straw. The plaster can be applied in a single coat, with a thickness of up to 35 mm. This and the impressive performance of clay as a heat store make it ideal for use with in-wall heating. For Cloud 7even, YOSIMA clay design plaster was selected for the coloured wall design. Clay has a natural colour in and of itself. By adding different types of coloured clay, almost any custom colour shade can be achieved.


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