CLAYopatra Room Rutesheim Seminar Center

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CLAYopatra Room Rutesheim Seminar Center

Everything under one roof

Expertise consolidated to a single source finds the most sustainable application – this applies to every field of expertise, but perhaps especially so in the construction industry. Therefore, the Plasterers Association for Finishing and Facades Baden-Württemberg (SAF) and its Competence Centre for Finishing and Facades with the Finishing Academy have moved closer together: In mid-2019, the previously decentralized institutions merged to form the Industry Centre for Finishing and Facades at a joint location in Rutesheim in Stuttgart. Since then, one may obtain specialist advice there, earn qualifications and further training in these trades, and represent their interests. Geographically, the location was well chosen. Baden-Württemberg is one of Germany’s federal states where the plasterer’s trade continues to be lived with great passion and tradition. The town of 11,000 inhabitants is conveniently located in the heart of the Stuttgart region, offers tranquillity as well as tourist infrastructure and proximity to larger cities and unspoiled nature.

Each room has its own look

As a multifunctional new building, the industry centre, constructed with the help of subsidies from the state of Baden-Württemberg and the federal government, offers space for dialog and learning. At its core: the seminar centre, which includes a seminar hotel and a separate practice building, equipped with 20 hotel rooms and numerous generously designed conference and meeting rooms, including fully equipped practice workshops. Those who rent a room in the seminar hotel are in for a surprise: Each of the rooms, evenly distributed over two floors, has a different look. For good reason, since various building material manufacturers were involved in the design. On the basis of sponsoring cooperation, each participating company designed one or more rooms according to individual, internally-created plans. The idea behind it: to make the variety and possible uses of each company‘s own building materials tangible in a vivid way.

Clay earth – modern building material with history

CLAYTEC, as a specialist for clay building materials, also took the opportunity to give a small insight into its wide range of products. This is how room number 12 became CLAYopatra. The reference of the specially chosen room name to Cleopatra, queen of ancient Egypt, is fully intentional. CLAYTEC thereby draws attention to several fascinating characteristics of clay earth and simultaneously draws parallels to the last pharaoh: Among other things, clay earth stands for a very strong connection to nature. The building material is one of the most natural in the world. Wherever used, it emphasizes the bond with the elemental, with nature. This creates a feeling of being grounded, which is only further emphasised by its organic colours. The beauty, elegance and delicacy of objects can also be enhanced via design using earthen clay products. This makes the building material very modern, even though it does not hide its ancient roots: After all, humankind began working with clay earth even during their nomadic beginnings, before they settled more permanently in dwellings.

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Clay Highlight:

Individual design options with CLAYTEC Clay plaster

When designing the CLAYopatra hotel room, architect Hartwig Ballis played with surfaces and colours. He used the wealth of properties of clay earth to draw attention and to create comfort. The left wall welcomes visitors with CLAYTEC Clay plaster MINERAL 20 in a rammed earth look. The interplay of stripes in natural tones with those coloured in deeper earth tones automatically draws guests into the room’s cosy interior. Complementing this more original earthen look, the remaining walls – designed with YOSIMA clay designer plaster in the colour OLD-WHITE – brighten up the room. In addition to clay’s look and feel, the attributes that positively impact air quality were decisive for the architect. These attributes create a healthy, temperature- and humidity-balanced atmosphere for the most sustainable room experience possible. By the way: You can read all about the opening of the Industry Centre in the CLAYTEC-Blog!


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