Cette Saison Pastry Shop

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Cette Saison Pastry Shop

Craftsmanship to be savoured

Every season has its own flavour: spring tastes of strawberries, summer of lemon ice cream and winter of cinnamon and vanilla. At the pastry shop Cette Saison (French for “this season”) in Seoul’s Gangnam district, the seasonal flavours become little works of art. The biscuits, cupcakes and small cakes are a treat for the eyes and the palate. The small café itself is also a feast for your eyes. Dark wood against white clay plaster creates a style that is as reduced as it is rustic.

An oasis in a city of millions

The Gangnam district, where you will find Cette Saison, is one of the most affluent and fashionable areas of Seoul, a metropolis of 10 million people. You can shop and go out surrounded by glass-clad skyscrapers that reflect the neon signs at night. A mix of both young and established tech companies have their headquarters here.

In the middle of it, a few blocks from the Han River, you will find another world: two- to three-storey houses line a narrow street. In one of them, the pastry shop Cette Saison can be found. A look through the wood-framed shop windows offers a view of a small sales and dining area.

A place to feast your eyes

The interior is dominated by a large counter with a wooden base and concrete worktop. At one end, the small confectioners’ works of art are presented individually on plates. At the other end, a few bar stools offer you the opportunity to linger for a moment. Behind the counter is the passage to the baking kitchen. Large track-mounted sliding doors of wood and glass close off this preparation area.

The sliding mechanism of the doors exudes a rustic charm. This is reinforced by the screed floor and the uncovered raw ceiling. The refined wall surface contrasts with this. Creating this polished look: white clay designer plaster. Mixed into the white plaster are grasses which serve as an elegant reminder of the origin of the baking ingredients – nature.

A moment of pleasure

Interior design and the art of baking share the same magic at Cette Saison: natural ingredients are transformed with great skill into small works of art: light foam under a reflective surface, ripe berries in ornamental patterns, buttery cream in soft waves.

The range of seasonal fruits determines the product selection. Only as much is produced as is sold. If demand is greater, latecomers are left empty-handed – another principle of nature.

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Clay Highlight:

A room with a special vibe – thanks to clay design plaster from CLAYTEC

With the interior design of the pastry shop, the studio STAY team creates a cohesive feeling that complements and underlines the bakery’s philosophy and way of working: to create exceptional value with select natural ingredients.

The tangible quality of the space is composed of the visual appearance and the pleasant indoor climate. The YOSIMA clay designer plaster with the textural additive “country” creates a wall surface that is both elegant and rustic. The designers were able to choose from a range of 146 shades, all of which are created using the natural colours of different clays.

Simultaneously, the building material clay earth regulates humidity and binds odours. This provides the perfect setting for complete culinary enjoyment.


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