Boutique Hotel Marielle

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Boutique Hotel Marielle

Live your dream, literally

Does this sound familiar? Life offers you a chance and you know immediately: You have to do it. With the purchase of the Hotel Erftschlösschen in Bad Münstereifel in North Rhine-Westphalia, Marielle Haep fulfilled her dream of owning a hotel. She and her husband quickly realized that they really did want to follow this path. Woodchip wallpaper became clay plaster, conventional became dreamlike and the Hotel Erftschlösschen became the Boutique Hotel Marielle.

Dream team: wooden floorboards and clay walls

The labyrinthine house on the banks of the Erft was perfect. Built in the 16th century and continuously expanded, it was first used as a residential building and since the middle of the last century as a hotel. The initial plan was to update the rooms with a few cosmetic repairs. In the course of this undertaking, it turned out that the old plank floor was intact in many areas.

Instead of concealing the old floorboards under a new covering, they were sanded down and they now shine, again, in a warm wood tone. The walls were designed to match. A clay design plaster in brilliant white was applied to a base plaster made of loam. The surfaces of these natural materials harmonize perfectly and the colours enhance the brilliance of one another.

As a traditional building material, earthen clay is a perfect match for the historic half-timbered house. The wooden frame was left visible on some of the interior walls and completed with structured clay plaster surfaces, reviving the look and charm of the traditional half-timber style.

At the same time, clay earth regulates humidity, which ensures a good indoor climate, especially in bedrooms and lounges, kitchens and bathrooms – all the rooms in a hotel in which you want to feel comfortable.

Dreamlike: you’ll feel at home here

The old floorboards and the traditional earthen-clay surfaces not only create an inviting atmosphere but also re-awaken the spirit of the house as a residence; a home that is open to guests and welcomes them warmly.

But the dream did not end with the renovation of the old hotel building. Three houses down was another building waiting patiently to be reawakened, the Hotel Jungmühle. Marielle and Christopher Haep saved the old half-timbered house from being demolished and expanded this hotel into additional guest rooms and meeting space. Particularly nice: Both buildings have an outdoor area directly on the river Erft.

Here one feels welcome and has the sense that one has arrived: in the renovated rooms that have lovingly furnished with a keen sense for materials, and in the garden behind the building complex directly on the Erft – another hidden pearl that Marielle Haep re-awakened and with the garden designer Nicole Johag made shine again.

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Clay Highlight:

Rooms you dream of – bedrooms and guest rooms with clay plaster from Claytec

In order to realize the dream of their own hotel, Marielle and Christopher Haep decided to restore the historic walls with Claytec mineral plaster and clay designer plaster. The natural and elegant wall surface harmonises perfectly with the wood of the floorboards and exposed timber-frame walls. In addition, in terms of building physics, clay earth is the perfect partner for wood because it regulates the moisture in the structure.

The walls were given a base plaster with Claytec Mineral 20. This interior base and finishing plaster has high tensile strength and sets quickly, enabling a quick construction process. This was an advantage given the tight time frame for the restoration. The clay plaster surface was done with YOSIMA clay designer plaster. It is a thin-layer plaster applied in a 2 mm thickness. The plaster, available in a wide colour palette created purely by mixing different colour clays, was used here in a brilliant white.


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