Apartment E3

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Apartment E3

Dreamlike living and sleep comfort

Are you dreaming of a home that is healthy and wonderfully designed? A trip to Wasserburg am Inn will bring you a little closer to your dream – while you sleep. Discover the picturesque town between Munich and Lake Chiemsee and stay, or rather sleep, in Apartment E3 for a trial period. “Gütter Naturbaustoffe”, specialist retailer for healthy building, living and sleeping products, furnished the flat with an expert sense of design and know-how and made it available to rent.

City trip with a special relaxation factor

The 70-square-metre flat can be found in the heart of the old town. The historic town centre, in a bend in the Inn River, is almost completely surrounded by water. Over the centuries, a dense warren of narrow alleys and rows of colourful houses has developed on the peninsula – with an almost Italian flair.

The holiday flat with its lively colour palette and healthful clay walls fits in perfectly. Interior designer Yvonne Habermann has skilfully laid out the space and selected only natural building materials for the finishes. The floor is made of natural wood. Drywall Clayboards and earthen clay plaster were used for the walls.

Clay earth as a wall surface is a natural air regulator for a room. It can absorb excess moisture from the air and release it again when the humidity drops. This keeps the indoor climate balanced and pleasant. In addition, earthen building materials are free of harmful substances and artificial components.

Taking inspiration home as a souvenir

The apartment walls not only contribute to your well-being from a building biology point of view. The selective placement of the various clay-earth plaster colours also serves to visually separate the space and gives it a lively atmosphere.

The artist Barbara Steinmetzer chose a light jade green for the sleeping area. The kitchenette was set off in grey. Be inspired by the depth, vibrancy and variety of coloured clay plaster available for your home.

The small bathroom surprises with a jungle-look wall design. For this, the craftswoman Birgit Schell used the Moroccan glossy plaster technique Tadelakt.

Discover something new while you sleep

Apartment E3 is an ideal starting point for a stroll through the city or you can relax in the nearby Bathing and Sauna World. But before you set off, you receive an individual sleep consultation, so that the apartment can be customised for you. While you are out exploring the city, the solid wood bed is fitted with your selected mattress and matching bedding.

In addition to the clay-earth walls, another element in the apartment will provide that extra measure of comfort and relaxation. Here you’ll get to experience and try on the retailer’s solid wood beds and natural mattresses for yourself!

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Clay Highlight:

Clay building materials from Claytec for your dream house

Choosing Claytec building materials for wall construction and finish ensures a healthy and inspiring home. In Apartment E3, the walls were built using drywall with clay and wood fibre boards.

The drywall was plastered with Claytec topcoat fine 06. The thin-layer plaster with its fine grain is particularly easy to apply and has a positive impact on the indoor climate due to its building physics properties.

For the colourful design, the craftswomen used YOSIMA clay designer plaster. Claytec offers the fine finish in 146 different shades – including green and grey, as used in the flat. All shades are created exclusively using the natural colours of different clays, which are mixed accordingly.


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