Anna’s Parlour

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Anna’s Parlour

Here, dark red is the colour of hospitality

When you enter the interior of the lovingly renovated historical house, you will feel a deep sense of calm as its cosiness envelops you. Responsible for this is the clay plaster in a warm rust red chosen by owner, host and interior designer Ines Bitsch.

Next level Renovation – and holiday too

The stylish wall design is typical of the attitude with which Ines Bitsch approached the entire re-design of the old farmhouse. The rich history of the home can still be seen in many of its details – and no modern and healthy living comforts were sacrificed while preserving these.

Ines Bitsch was enthusiastic about clay for the open concept living and sleeping room not only as a traditional wall cladding with modern living and healthful properties, but also as a design element. The dark red of the clay plaster – achieved by adding coloured clay – ties the many individual design details into a harmonious whole.

Take a seat at the old dining table – countless people have lingered at it. Warm yourself by the modernized stove with finely chiselled tiles from 1825. Discover how beneficial it can be to reinterpret the tried and tested.

Modern tiny house packs a big punch

Anna’s Parlour completes an ensemble of three holiday homes – all of which originated from an old farm and an ambitious dream. The location on the edge of the Black Forest, in one of the best wine-growing regions in Germany, promises relaxation and joie de vivre.

Until the renovation, Anna’s Parlour was the dwelling house of the 400-year-old farm. The old two-storey house has now been transformed into a single great room.

In order to retain the historical lattice windows and their charm, but keep the room bright and pleasant, some creativity was needed. Both two-story walls with the old windows were given a second, continuous glazing by mounting custom-made metal frames with insulating glass panels, window treatments which Ines designed herself.

A large box-like construction, clad in pine, divides the room like a huge piece of furniture. Inside you will find the modern bathroom, while the outside integrates kitchen appliances and a comfortable sofa bed. On top is the sleeping gallery. You can reach the spacious double bed via a side staircase. The ceiling height of 1.90 meters is reminiscent of the original dimensions of the house. With its 60 square meters, the holiday home now offers space for two to three people to stay comfortably.

Built into the kitchen floor, a glass door opens onto the spiral staircase down to the wine cellar. It is filled with 1,000 bottles from the best regional wineries. The fine wines are available to guests at cost. Completing the cellar’s inventory, there are handmade noodles from the town and jars of pickled delicacies. Just go down to the basement and help yourself to dinner. A contemporary reimagining of how rural life used to be lived.

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Clay Highlight:

Experience Claytec’s designer clay plaster in Anna’s Parlour

The owner and interior designer Ines Bitsch found the right product in YOSIMA clay design plaster. The natural interior plaster consists only of loam and clay. The clay serves as a binding and colouring agent for the 146 different colours. Various surface effects can be achieved by enhancing the mixture with optional add-ons. Straw was added to the plaster for Anna’s Parlour. Together with the slight variations in hue of the natural colour, unique surfaces were created.


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