Amtshof Lakeside Hotel

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Amtshof Lakeside Hotel

Historical building (material) with sought-after qualities

The Amtshof Lakeside Hotel welcomes you to a Lake Constance idyll. The half-timbered house from 1590 is located directly on the shore of a lake connecting Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Inside, there is also much to discover. All rooms are individually furnished with modern design elements. What remains unchanged is the clay earth construction. What was once a means to an end now pampers you with its much sought-after benefits.

Yesterday: stately manor house

More than 400 years ago, the Counts of Montfort had the stately half-timbered house built as a manorial and official court. It served as a trading centre for the cargo boatmen. Grain was stored in the three-storey roof, the servants lived underneath and the clerk lived in the brick-built ground floor.

The conversion into today’s hotel had to be carried out in a way that would preserve the building as a historical landmark. As was the case in 1590, earthen clay was used. The original builders used clay earth firstly because it was available, but above all, because it acts as a moisture buffer and protects the wooden framework from moisture. It still does that. But today its other advantages are even more appreciated.

Today: design hotel

The 14 rooms and suites of the family-run hotel are located on the first floor and in the attic. The rooms under the high, open roof truss surprise and delight with multiple levels connected by modern steel and wooden staircases. The free space in the open roof construction was perfectly utilised.

Unique furnishings lend each room a special charm. In addition to the furnishings, the wall design in each room also provides a special accent. The clay-plastered walls are accentuated in select places with floral motifs and coloured surfaces. Thanks to the colour variety of earthen-clay paints, it was possible to draw from the full range.

Every night: a good night’s sleep for you

Another quality of the hotel you cannot see but can feel. The clay-earth walls give the rooms a particularly pleasant indoor climate that lets you breathe a sigh of relief, even if you suffer from allergies. Clay earth balances the humidity in the room and binds odours and allergens. In addition, the natural building material is free of harmful substances.

On colder days, the wall heating integrated into the earthen-clay walls warms with homey radiant heat. Clay earth is not only the ideal partner for timber framework but also for modern heating technology. It stores the heat and gives it off evenly.

Complemented by the sleep-promoting effect of beds made of Swiss stone pine, the soothing room climate gives you restful nights and energy for the holidays and beyond.

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Clay Highlight:

Timeless: Clay-earth building materials from Claytec

Earthen clay is a timeless building material whose positive properties are appreciated today more than ever. It has proven itself for centuries as a building material for walls and ceilings in solid construction as well as half-timbered construction. Today, modern clay drybuilding products and surface finishes complete the product range.

At the Amtshof Lakeside Hotel, Claytec clay plaster Mineral 20 was used to renovate the walls following historical models. Clay-earth paints in a variety of colours give the walls their individual, modern ambience. The pleasant and healthy indoor climate created by the moisture buffer and heat accumulator clay earth also contributes to this ambience.


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