Steffen Holiday Homes

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Steffen Holiday Homes

A holiday atmosphere brought to you by the experts

The Saarlanders love their homeland – and rightly so. Guests are welcomed with pleasure and invited to get to know the small state’s beautiful landscape and Francophile way of life. The Steffen holiday homes in St. Wendel, provide the ideal destination for a holiday in north-eastern Saarland. The holiday house and flats were developed by an expert in creating the perfect hospitable atmosphere. The owner and hotelier Roman Steffen used clay-earth, warm colours, and modern, cosy furnishings.

Holidays within your own four clay-walls

In addition to the Hotel Posthof, Roman Steffen offers a holiday house and several holiday flats for your home-away-from-home in the Saarland. If you appreciate the independence and flexibility of this type of accommodation, this is the place for you.

Naturally, the restaurateur leaves nothing to chance here either. The holiday home and the majority of the holiday flats were built with clay-earth building materials. The building biology advantages of clay earth are an excellent basis for feeling particularly comfortable during your holiday. Clay earth regulates humidity by absorbing water from the air and releasing it again as needed. This is a particular advantage in small flats and open floor plans, where humidity can fluctuate greatly depending on use.

In addition to optimal humidity, the right temperature is of utmost importance to the feel-good climate. In the holiday home, a clay stove provides pleasant radiant heat. The heat accumulator, clay earth, ensures that the warmth of the fire is evenly distributed throughout the room and lasts for a long time.

Your holiday is in good hands

During the construction of the holiday homes, the owner himself lent a hand. Earthen clay building materials are particularly suitable for DIY building projects.

For the interior, the owner used drywall clayboards – a simple and quick way to build. Building with clay drywall is a flexible construction method, making it possible to meet the structural requirements of the different rooms. So you can enjoy the beneficial effect of earthen clay from the basement to the attic.

The interior surfaces were finished with an undercoat of clay plaster with straw. Steffen used coloured clay plaster for the design of the walls. Thus, the holiday house welcomes you with a warm yellow tone. In the holiday flats, light-coloured walls provide clarity.

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Clay Highlight:

Uncomplicated and congenial – Claytec clay plastering

In the Saarland, hospitality is not the only thing that is important; people also like DIY projects. This works particularly well with clay-earth building materials.

Clayboards from Claytec, such as those used in the Steffen holiday homes, can be used in modern drywall building. This makes it quick and easy to create clay walls or to clad interior walls with clay earth. The boards consist of fabric made of natural materials such as jute and reed as well as clay earth. In addition to having positive building biology properties, the clayboards also have excellent heat-storage capacity.

Clay undercoat plaster with straw, by Claytec, is also easy to work with. With higher application thicknesses, it smooths out unevenness and is suitable for use with integrated in-wall heating. YOSIMA clay designer plaster provides the appropriate colour design finish. Claytec offers 146 colour shades based solely on the natural colour of different clays.


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