Niessing Tokyo

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Niessing Tokyo

An impressive backdrop for delicate masterpieces

A wedding ring in the shape of a flower. An engagement band above which a diamond appears to float. A double-stranded necklace made of filigree layers. A wristwatch, composed of gold, silver, stainless steel and leather. – The jewellery that has been created by Niessing since 1873 is unique, contemporary and yet timeless, reduced to the essentials and individually handcrafted for its owners with care and expertise. And it is presented in the finely harmonized, clear interior design of its stores: in light-flooded, architecturally open rooms, the majority with wide glass fronts, sometimes high ceilings, and always expansive space, free of barriers, both physical and figurative. This lack of barriers is a unifying element of the numerous stores of the first-class jewellery manufacturer, both in Germany and in Japan. Eye-catching design elements are the accent walls made of rammed earth, which give all stores their own appealing visual and tactile aesthetics as well as warmth and a material contrast which shows off the displayed baubles to their best advantage – embedded in an exquisite, always upscale, fashionable environment.

Exclusive jewellery in exclusive surroundings

The first Niessing store opened in 1999 in Berlin, more precisely: in the designer shopping centre “Stilwerk”, now officially called “Living Berlin” – a hotspot for connoisseurs of exquisite fashion and accessories. Since then, numerous other stores have been added. Most of them are located in Germany’s largest cities. In the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, for example, jewellery enthusiasts will find a Niessing store in the ABC District, side by side with a mix of international designer and traditional stores and right next to the renowned Marriott Hotel. In the popular cathedral city of Cologne in North Rhine-Westphalia, the jewellery can be found on the expansive shopping and gastronomy mile. Breite Straße – Wide Street – lives up to its name, and the light-filled, clear design of the building where the Niessing store is found, sets the appropriate scene for the sparkling ornaments. The same is the case in the rural town of Münster also in North Rhine-Westphalia. The 250-square-meter store, which opened in 2013, is the largest to date and is located at the Old Fishmarket, on the threshold of the historical old town.

A design concept also convinces in Japan

An exclusive and architecturally impressive setting is provided in Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg. There, Niessing presents its jewellery in Window’s Komplex, an upscale shopping boulevard on Calwer Street. And in Bavaria’s capital, Munich, the jewellery is also on display in an exquisite old-town setting: in the Maffeihof, one of the famous Fünf Höfe, considered the city’s most elegant shopping centre, on Theatinerstraße in the immediate vicinity of the Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel, among others. In Japan, fans of individually crafted pieces of jewellery „made in Germany“ can admire, try on, and, of course, purchase them in three Niessing stores: in Nagoya, port city and the fourth-largest industrial centre in the country, the national capital Tokyo, and in Osaka, which also has a big-city flair. No matter where in the world people enter a Niessing Store: In the thoughtfully created homey ambience, the unique pieces can exert their particular effect unhindered.

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Clay Highlight:

Rammed clay wall: a grounding element with archaic character

The combination of sophisticated jewellery and rammed earth is an intriguing one. “The surrounding rammed earth walls at Niessing form an earthy, massive counterpart to the delicate fine jewellery”, describes Susanne Glück from the GLÜCK Lehmbau painting and stucco company, which has completed numerous memorable projects at home and abroad using this niche product. “Both clay earth and the Niessing metals gold, platinum and gemstones have common archaic origins, and moreover a natural, earthy character. They contrast beautifully in their earth and metallic tones with the white interior throughout.” Accordingly, the rammed earth wall also serves as a grounding element between the pure white furnishings. The majority of the rammed earth components were installed by the earthen clay construction specialists using the thin-layer method with formwork, clay drywall boards, and between six and eight centimetres of mounted rammed earth.


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