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Hotel le Journal

The art of living with clay earth

In the Saarland, you can feel the influence of neighbouring France. This includes a good portion of savoir-vivre – the art of living. Good wine, delicious food, love of design, and relaxed camaraderie are expressions of this. In the Auberge and Hotel le Journal in St. Wendel, Saarland, this way of life is implemented creatively and ecologically. This implementation leads to special qualities in both houses.

Quality of living for everyone – earthen clay and stone pine wood

The two guest houses – Auberge and Hotel – differ in their year of construction and appearance, but the 40 rooms are furnished according to the same philosophy. All rooms have clay plastered walls and wall panelling made of stone-pine wood surrounding the beds.

This not only looks great, it also contributes to a better night’s sleep. The clay earth regulates the humidity for a pleasant room climate. The essential oils and the scent of the stone pine have a calming effect and promote sleep.

In addition, earthen clay neutralizes odours and binds pollutants as well as allergens from the air. Even those plagued by allergies can enjoy a pleasant stay and a quiet night.

Quality of life for everyone – ecological and regional

The expansion of the rooms with wood and clay earth was also carried out in keeping with a commitment to eco-friendly living. A central value of the hotel’s philosophy.

This principle also includes the use of regional products and foods. In the quaint Café le Journal, which is only a few minutes’ walk from the guest houses, you can enjoy local cuisine with ingredients from the region.

Holiday quality for you – individual and artistic

In addition to a pleasant indoor climate and regional treats, the creative way of living that surrounds you is what truly makes your stay at le Journal an inspiring experience.

The Auberge is a former officers’ barracks. No echoes of this former use remain. Instead, the colourful facade evokes the Austrian artist, architect and environmentalist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. With its facade made of wooden shingles, the new construction of the neighbouring hotel is the exterior manifestation of the hotel’s ecological design.

Inside, artistic ideas on a varying scale make themselves apparent, be it the creative design of the bathrooms, the stone inlays in the pinewood cladding of the walls or the sculptures in the garden. No room is identical and each area expresses an individuality of design.

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Clay Highlight:

Structural quality with Claytec – earthen-clay walls and ceilings

The two guesthouses were built one after the other. The Auberge was finished first, a conversion of an existing building, followed by the new construction of the hotel. Clay earth was first used in the hotel. A little later, the rooms of the Auberge were renovated to also include earthen clay.

The walls in all guestrooms are plastered with clay and the ceilings are clad with clay panels. The decision to use earthen clay was made from an ecological point of view. Aside from this main benefit, the clay material also ensures a particularly healthful and allergy-friendly room climate.

For the wall construction, clay plaster with straw was applied to a substructure made of both clay drywall panels and straw panels. A single layer of clay plaster with straw in white forms the topcoat finish. The straw ensures good workability and a unique surface texture and look that goes well with the artistic room furnishings.


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