2010 Brewery

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2010 Brewery

Brewing and building traditions revived

In the past, the small town of Königslutter in Lower Saxony was literally on everyone’s lips. Until the beginning of the 20th century, Duckstein beer was brewed in the town and distributed throughout northern Germany. A good 100 years later, Frank Wulke is brewing beer here again – and he can teach you how. To this end, the beer sommelier has created a beer education centre in his hometown between Braunschweig and Magdeburg. For the renovation, he relied on natural materials – just as he does when brewing beer.

Natural enjoyment

Barley malt, hops, yeast and water – these are the ingredients from which beer may be brewed according to the German Reinheitsgebot. The beers of Frank Wulke’s Brauwerk 2010 are also based on these ingredients. For some creations, he adds other ingredients – like for his popular pumpkin beer.

One thing is particularly important to the beer expert and connoisseur: only natural ingredients go into the brewing kettle. As a participant in a Brauwerk 2010 brewing seminar, you only use organic products and ingredients.

Ingredients for good air quality

This attitude was also the basis for the renovation of the seminar rooms in a Wilhelminian style house directly on the market square in Königslutter. Inside, all walls are plastered with clay earth. This traditional building material performs cutting-edge tasks: It improves indoor air quality by regulating humidity and binding odours.

The positive qualities of the clay-plastered walls are very beneficial considering the use of the building: Where many people come together and steam is generated by cooking, high humidity can occur quickly.

This not only makes the indoor air quality unpleasant – there is also a risk of mould growth. Clay earth stores moisture when humidity is high and releases it back into the air when humidity in the room sinks. This prevents water from condensing and collecting on the surface of the walls – the basis for mould.

Just the right setting

Frank Wulke got the idea for offering beer brewing courses when he himself took part in a seminar on beer brewing. Already a beer connoisseur, after the seminar he became even more enthusiastic about the subject and trained as a beer sommelier. His task as a sommelier: to select just the right beer pairings for any given menu.

For Frank Wulke, the enjoyment of beer doesn’t end there – it’s just the beginning. His beer tastings and brewing courses offer you the opportunity to develop your own beer expertise. Creating just the right setting for these experiences was also important to Wulke. That’s why he opted for earthen-clay building materials for his DIY renovation of the rooms of his beer education centre.

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Clay Highlight:

Natural raw materials, for the walls too

Like brewing beer, building with earthen clay is a special tradition. Both harken back to a time when one used what local raw materials were available. Over years of craftsman use, they became products that serve their purpose perfectly.

Today, both beer brewing and building with clay earth have new significance. This stems from the desire of many to “know what’s in it” – in the beer and in the walls around them. Another particularly convincing argument for clay earth: working with it is also easy to do on one’s own.

Frank Wulke used drywall clay boards from CLAYTEC as well as clay plasters for the renovation of his beer education centre. The boards are used in modern drywall construction. Clay Topcoat Fine 06 from Claytec creates a particularly fine surface. Other walls were given a coloured finish using YOSIMA Clay Designer Plaster. 146 colour shades of YOSIMA are available – all based on the natural colours of the clays in the mixture.


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