Sonnenhausen Farmhouse

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Sonnenhausen Farmhouse

The many shades of light-heartedness

Light-heartedness may not be the first words you associate with the preservation of historical landmarks or organic farming. But you can feel it when you check-in at Sonnenhausen hotel, southeast of Munich. A lightness that comes from letting go, trusting and letting be: leaving things as they are. The best example of this at Sonnenhausen is clay earth; as a historical as well as a contemporary and meaningful building material.

Let go of stress – find peace, experience community

Sonnenhausen manor was built in 1901 by the Munich architect Wilhelm Spannagel in a style reminiscent of English manors. Today you can spend the night, meet, enjoy and celebrate in this unique place.

The neighbouring farmhouse dates from around 1800 and is a prime example of typical regional building. The elongated building consists of two parts – the former house and the former stable.

Leaving out the unnecessary – the luxury of simplicity

After a fire, the farmhouse was rebuilt true to the original and has been used as a guest house ever since. “Our farmhouse stands alone in a large clearing, which is why we made it very cosy and warm inside,” says the owner Georg Schweisfurth, describing the building’s interior character.

During the reconstruction, the architects from VORMEIERMOHR primarily used ecological building materials – not only for reasons of landmark preservation laws, but because alternatives were not needed. Untreated wooden floors, old ceiling beams and coloured earthen clay walls, at times straight, others crooked – these are the special elements that transform a guest room into your own personal retreat.

Let change happen – historical charm meets modern art

Historical charm is alive and well at Sonnenhausen manor – because it is a modern place. This means WiFi and in-wall heating in the clay walls of the farmhouse. The warm rooms pamper you with cosy earth-toned comfort and private spacious bathrooms.

You can also see this in the modern art that you encounter everywhere. The art pieces invite you to leave stress behind and welcome a little more light-heartedness into your life.

Let visions become reality – the world of ecology

Experience a sense of community in the hotel’s Farmer’s Club with its open fire kitchen. It’s one of three places to indulge at Sonnenhausen, where a combination of devotion to the culinary arts meets a passion for ecological agriculture.

The produce – especially the meat – comes from the Hermannsdorfer agricultural works. Like the hotel, they were founded by Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth for the practice of a new form of ecological agriculture.

His vision was a world where the interconnectedness of all things is recognised and appreciated. Where this knowledge influences all our decisions – on how we build, how we get our nourishment, our health and our culture. Sonnenhausen manor, the Hermannsdorfer agricultural works and the Schweisfurth Foundation he founded make this vision a reality.

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Clay Highlight:

Let the colour in – with Claytec designer clay plaster

When choosing the materials for the project, the selection of the architects focused only on natural building materials such as clay earth in the form of clay drywall boards and clay plaster.

This focus in no way means monotony. For the high-quality interior design, the planners took full advantage of the wide range of natural colour tones in which YOSIMA designer clay plaster from Claytec is available. A total of 146 standard colours are available, all of which are based on the natural colours of clay earth.

At Sonnenhausen farmhouse you can relax in bedrooms with walls in shades of taupe. In the bathrooms, the colour shifts to a warm pink. Corridors and common rooms are mostly white. Walls in dark anthracite provide an exciting contrast while harmonizing with the exposed concrete used for structural reasons in the stairwell.


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